Crystal Companions for Children

Do your children love to collect rocks? Are they picking them up off the ground and filling up their pockets?  At street fairs or carnivals are they asking you for money to bring home more stone friends?  Do you find stones all over the house?  Do your children carry them in their pockets to school, […]

The Angelic Assistance Team

When seeking an angelic experience, look to angelite, blue wing anhydrite, and celestite for support and assistance.  These three sulphate minerals calm your mind, comfort your heart, and infuse you with peace so that you are free to open your higher sense perception to the angelic realms around and within you.  Through their orthorhombic crystalline […]

The Fifth Dimensional Awakening Stone Grid

A spectacularly easy way to fill your home and office with the electromagnetic energies of the fifth dimension is to place a mineral grid, devoted to the radiation of the six key qualities that fifth dimensional living engages, into your environment.  The presence of stones intent on encouraging, promoting, and supporting the development of unconditional […]

How To Build Stone Grids to Manifest New Realities

Minerals have voices. Their unique electromagnetic signatures can be likened to a stone language that radiates from them and reaches out into the environments in which they live.

Creating Stone Grids for Multi-dimensional Healing

Creating Stone Grids for Multi-dimensional Healing You can utilize the mineral kingdom to support and accelerate the healing of people, pets, plants, and environments by purposefully created stone grids. When a group of minerals are purposefully joined together in a grid, they “sing” with a collective frequency that radiates into the environment in which they […]