Pyrites fill your body and your environment with spiritual energy.

Pyrites fill your body and your environment with spiritual energy.

It is often hard to see the good, the true, and the beautiful when it is either hidden from sight or buried under mounds of beliefs, memories, and emotions.   This is when the sulphide family of minerals can be very helpful. Born of the toxic gas hydrogen sulphide, emerging from volcanic explosions and decomposing organic matter all over the Earth, these sulphide stones know how to illuminate the parts of our lives that are decomposing.  They assist us in seeing what is real and true, dissolving the illusions in our relationships, careers, families, environments, and our world.  If there is something stinking like a rotten egg in your life that you are having trouble understanding, a sulphide stone will reveal it to you and make you conscious of how it came to be.  Ultimately you are responsible for how you live your life, no matter what the circumstances.  With such knowledge, confusion departs and intentions are given opportunities to emerge.

The sulphides want you to personally shine.  These stones contain the shiny metallic mirrors of conscious awareness that can lead you to beauty and goodness.  This family of minerals consist of sulfur in combination with one or more metals.  In order to extract the lead, copper, nickel, and silver that are in the ore,  sulfur dioxide is created and then converted into sulphuric acid to promote the conversion of more metallic ores.  With a sulphide mineral companion on your evolutionary journey, your path will be made clear.

The Sulphide family of minerals includes:
Antimonite, Boji Stones, Chalcophyrite, Jamesonite, Marcasite, Pyrite, Sphalerite, Bornite, Galena(lead), Stibnite, Covellite, Molybdenit, Skutterudite

How to Use Sulphides
Everybody loves the shine of pyrite, especially children.  Pyrite encourages men and boys to become empowered nurturers and supports the healthy expression of masculine energy.  Pyrite, transmitting the golden masculine frequency, radiates spirituality into any environment in which it is placed.  Skutterudite transmits the silver frequency of the divine feminine necessary for fifth dimensional living.  Placed in any environment it promotes the appreciation of and collaboration with the dynamic feminine power of vulnerable receptivity.   Chalcopyrite and bornite entrance us with their metallic colors and invite us to participate in joy.  Molybdenite and galena anchor us into the presence of our physical reality and stibnite furthers that reality by taking us deep into our etheric roots to clear out past life debris.

Many of these stones are hard and heavy because they are metallic ores.  And some of them are toxic so care must be shown.  Galena is lead and skutterudite contains arsenic.  These stones should not be handled and washing your hands after touching them is necessary.  However, they are very useful when placed in environmental grids and will support the evolutionary development of all life within their reach.

** How Stone Medicine Works
Our bodies are composed of the minerals of the Earth such as carbon, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen.  By utilizing stones containing these elements living within us, we are accessing  a form of natural chemical healing.  You don’t ingest stone medicine like prescription drugs.  Instead, minerals work around the body and in your environment providing chemical assistance through electromagnetic energy.  Minerals radiate a consistent pulse of their unique chemical frequencies.  When placed on or around the physical body, they will infuse energies that are missing, absorb energies that are overabundant, and seek to balance out the electromagnetic energies of the entire system.  Stone medicine complements traditional medical treatment and is not to be used in place of it.  Often stone healing will increase the efficacy of medical procedures accelerating healing by removing spiritual, emotional, mental, and etheric debris from the physical areas under distress.  As with any form of healing, learn as much about the stones you choose as possible because the more you know, the greater you benefit.  Additionally, just as the wrong herbal supplement can make you ill, so can using the wrong mineral.  What’s great about stone medicine is that there are no expiration dates and they are beautiful additions to your lives and homes.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to the healing power of the mineral kingdom!