Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite
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To utilize jewelry as a stone prescription for healing, you have to become conscious of the stone’s value to your particular health issue and use it appropriately. For example, for someone undergoing radiation treatment, smoky quartz will detoxify the body after treatment and reduce the severity of burns. In the case of chronic illness, citrine supports perseverance and is especially useful with digestive disorders. Prehnite with epidote supports the kidneys and the adrenal glands radiating peace into a physical body that is overstressed. Consult your physician to determine the nature of your condition. Only after understanding the extent of your illness can you begin to research the stones that will complement and add to the effectiveness of the medical treatments you are, or will, undergo. A good resource for this purpose is Michael Geinger’s, The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual. It identifies specific stones useful for particular conditions. Once you have determined which stones are appropriate for you, decide whether a bracelet, ring, pendant, ankle bracelet, choker, or long necklace is the best option for the condition you are seeking to treat.

Rutilated quartz and flower jade

Rutilated Quartz & Flower Jade
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In the case of jewelry, prescription dosages are replaced by the amount of time a piece of jewelry is worn to deliver relief, and to recover from trauma, and restore vital life force. If you are receiving a particular treatment such as physical therapy, you may choose to wear a green calcite necklace or bracelet for an hour after your session to reduce pain and increase flexibility. If you are suffering from a migraine headache, you may wear an amethyst necklace for 24 hours or until the pain ceases. Some minerals will work immediately while others will require longer wearing periods to become fully effective. For optimal healing the stone needs to touch the skin, not be enveloped in metal. Pendants and rings that expose the stones to the skin can be utilized for healing. You can use simple gemstone chip necklaces and bracelets to create a crystal healing medicine cabinet for you and your family. If you are utilizing pendants, necklaces, and bracelets that you already possess, speak with the stones in these pieces, asking them to help you heal. Because these pieces of jewelry are designated for healing, you may choose to separate them from your other jewelry.

Woman's beaded bracelet

Vibrational Crystal Energy Bracelet
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Your personal jewelry and these simple chip necklaces and bracelets provide stone medicine by transmitting specific electromagnetic impulses from the minerals to the parts of the body, emotions, thoughts and dreams that need healing attention. In healing, these stones will absorb overactive energies, infuse necessary frequencies, and balance the body’s energy field. Wear them at crisis moments, during the night while sleeping or at specific periods of the day when symptoms are at their worst to feel relief. To release toxins from the body wear the bracelets on the right wrist. To send healing energies through the body wear the bracelets on the left wrist. To balance and energize the body wear bracelets on both wrists simultaneously. Some necklaces are best worn around the base of the neck while others work better in longer strands. Some minerals will work immediately, others will require longer wearing periods to become fully effective.

You will know the effects of your healing jewelry by how you physically feel. Trust your intuition as you engage in developing a relationship with the stones that are assisting in your healing. Here is a list of some easily acquired stones and their healing uses:


Powerfully cleanses emotional and physical traumas. It is a natural tranquilizer that is effective in relieving headaches. Use under the pillow to reduce insomnia. Instills a sense of spiritual belonging that calms fears and increases one’s ability to receive love.

Amethyst and Clear Quartz:

The amethyst provides a sense of harmony and peace while the clear quartz energizes the body, mind and emotions. Wear this necklace for at least thirty minutes after a difficult day to release the stress and re-energize the body. This necklace also instills happiness and hope in the wearer.


Increases self-esteem through positive self-expression. Brings happiness to those choosing to love who they are. Helps the wearer to see what is true and real by instilling courage. Wear during important conversations and business meetings and during performances for singers. Helpful in healing throat problems and neck pain.

Blue Sunstone:

“I lend you my strength to see in the darkness with your internal Light. You are always shining even when the lights around you are out. Trust your brilliance and learn of who you truly are.” Wear this to overcome resistance to developing intuitive skills. Allow it to assist you when meditating, channeling, or offering healing to others.

Blue Topaz:

Helps to manifest happiness in life. Encourages positive self-expression that is strong, clear and radiant. Helpful to those soft-spoken individuals who often have difficulty being heard. Helps to clear confusion.


Come play with me and enjoy the energy of life. I seek to bring pleasure into your day and joy into your life. Feel the power of your life force giving you the courage to truly and fully live.” Wear this to increase libido and act with confidence and passion in your life.


Increases self-esteem through emotional balance and mental insight to guide the way to effective action. Promotes self-confidence and hope for the future by generating energy for change in the present. Increases digestion and reduces nausea. Instills perseverance to overcome chronic illnesses.

Clear Quartz:

Increases energy and elevates mood. Wear when fatigued to recharge yourself and feel grounded and balanced in your body. Increases clarity and encourages you to shine as the jewel that you are.


Emerald is the master healer of the physical body and assists in overcoming all illnesses. It is helpful in relieving emotional heartache and imparts a vision of healing to which one physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually rise. Wear the bracelets on the left wrist to draw this healing energy through the entire body.


Garnet is a powerhouse of energy for the physical body providing vitality, grounding and regeneration. It stimulates metabolism and harmonizes the composition of body fluids, especially in the blood. It also promotes a sense of belonging and the experience of joy in relating to others.

Garnet and Citrine:

This combination provides the physical grounding and vitality of garnet with the emotional balance and mental clarity of citrine to instill the wearer with self-assurance and personal strength. Wear these while undergoing educational examinations or job evaluations to stay mentally focused, emotionally balanced and physically powerful.


Iolite focuses its attention on the thyroid and parathyroid glands, providing protection for your energy levels and increasing your experience of personal power. It shields the wearer from criticism, judgments and negativity such that one’s self-esteem remains intact regardless of the surroundings. It encourages personal responsibility and balances the masculine and feminine energies to facilitate inner and outer harmony.


“I help you to see multiple sides to every situation so that you become flexible, open, and thoughtful. In so doing, I excite your mind while calming your body. There is always a solution to every problem. Let me help.” Wear this when making important decisions and to discern the multi-dimensional truth of situations and relationships.


Malachite brings healing to the emotional body creating a calmer internal environment in which the physical body is freer to heal. It is helpful in reducing joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Helps to relieve difficulties in the menstrual cycle and facilitates labor.


Hi! Welcome to happy harmony and good vibrations. When you seek joy and innocent wonder, let me assist. I love to show you inner and outer harmony and will help you to relax into the pleasure of the world.” When you need to discover the playful child within, wear this. Your creativity will blossom along with your relationships.


This gentle soft stone is very calming to women and promotes the healing of feminine disorders. It is helpful in relieving premenstrual and menopausal symptoms due to its ability to restore hormonal balance. It also enhances fertility. Moonstone is best worn as a long necklace that reaches down into the abdomen and on the left wrist.


You will find me playful yet strong. I balance your masculine and feminine energies to bring you into internal harmony. Your physical life force expands as you stop fighting your own nature and love yourself.” Wear this to reduce internal emotional conflicts in stressful situations.


Open your heart to the abundance of life and allow yourself to be supported. You will find forgiveness for yourself and others in the process. This is the sweet freedom your heart desires.” Wear this when you are feeling lonely or abandoned to reduce heartache and support the development of healthy new relationships and situations.

Prehnite with Epidote:

I am refreshing to your auric field and will clear away congestion to make room for peace. Only when you are able to relax will you discover the energy to grow.” Wear this to improve the functioning of the kidneys, liver, gallbladder and adrenal glands.

Rainbow Moonstone:

Soft and tender am I to purely and gently guide you to peace. Let me soften the hardness within you to comfort the traumatized parts of your being. You are resilient and adaptable. You can move beyond pain. Let me help you walk into the Light.” Wear this to calm your emotional body after traumatic situations, for however long is necessary, to bring relief. When balanced is restored continue to wear this necklace to increase greater adaptability in the future.

Rose Quartz:

This soothing stone instills self-loving and provides a feeling of comfort to the wearer. It is excellent for those mourning a loved one and for those who are falling in love.   It assists in overcoming sexual difficulties. It also increases cell absorption to reduce wrinkles and builds collagen.

Seven Chakra:

(amethyst, iolite, aquamarine, peridot, citrine, carnelian, garnet)Wearing this combination for thirty minutes realigns your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves, bringing all these aspects of yourself into harmony. It is a quick way to completely recharge.

Smoky Quartz:

This is the primary detoxification stone. Wear a bracelet on your right wrist to pull negativity and debris out of your body. Wear bracelets on both of your wrists or a long necklace to reset the body’s chemistry after radiation. If struggling with addiction sleep with a necklace or bracelets on both wrists for however long is necessary to overcome the addiction. Smoky quartz needs time to clear the negative energy that has been accrued over long periods of distress in one’s life. Smoky quartz also is known as the stone of miracles for once the negative energy is gone, great goodness will follow.

To clear your necklaces of congestion and debris place them on a bed of salt and they will renew themselves. Do not wash them under water as the string used to make them will eventually break. Remember to program your necklaces with your intentions and they will gladly work with you on healing and regeneration.

To learn more about how electromagnetic energies travel through the crystalline systems please visit: Why A Crystal Can Help Your Personality Shine.