What is Quartz?

Clear quartz energizes you to enjoy your life.

Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide.  The silicon and oxygen atoms within it bond according to a hexagonal configuration that conducts electromagnetic energy through it.  The hexagonal configuration promotes consistency, preparedness, honesty, and motivation to achieve desired goals.  Therefore, inherently quartz are the workhorses of the mineral kingdom, providing the information, communication, and flow necessary for multiple kingdoms of nature to collaborate in the Earth’s evolution.

The Christ Consciousness Grid of the planet radiates unconditional loving into all life on Earth.

Depending upon the formation of the quartz specimen the energy radiating from the crystal will differ in power, direction, and purpose.  Massive quartz deposits around the Earth energize the globe and serve as a communication hub for the planet’s consciousness.  Arkansas and Brazil host the largest quartz deposits on the planet and serve as activating field generators for human and planetary evolution.  Quartz veins serve as a communication system throughout the planet and function as a nervous system within and around the Earth.  The specimens that become available to us are charged with the specific purposes they have served for thousands of years.  Understanding that purpose and why your crystal has ended up in your care is an important first step in developing an effective and powerful relationship with your quartz.

Electromagnetic energy is always moving, vibrating at specific frequencies that are radiating through the quartz specimen.  Study your quartz to determine its physical characteristics to begin your relationship with this evolutionary friend.  Note whether it is a massive piece without any notable individuality, a crystal point, or a cluster of points.  If a point, look for the markings on the sides of the crystal in the form of lines, triangles, holes.  Count the faces at the top of the point to determine how many and then count the edges on each face.  Note any dings or cracks at the point that effect precise transmission.  Look inside the crystal to see any internal formations such as cracks, windows, or internal phantom crystals.  Are there points at the top and bottom of the crystal making it a double terminated crystal?  How are secondary crystals attaching to the primary?  Has the crystal been broken in any way or where did it break off of the main vein?  How clear is the specimen?  Is it attached to the host rock or matrix?  Your quartz crystal is choosing to share its life experiences with you for a profound reason.  As you study your quartz you begin another leg of your evolutionary journey with a mineral companion capable of providing great insight, strength, motivation, and support to your development.

left and right quartz

Masculine energy flows to the right and Feminine energies flows to the left.

Specific quartz points transmit energy through a spiral configuration.  When the spiral moves to the right noted by an extra facet on right side of one of the faces of the crystal point, masculine energy is transmitted.  When the spiral moves to the left noted by an extra facet located on the left side of one of the faces, feminine energy is transmitted.  Since the feminine energy is receptive this crystal will promote receiving and storing.  Since the masculine energy is executive, this crystal will promote direction and delivery.

Note that all quartz crystals are valuable.  Those dinged points and broken pieces still transmit frequencies and do so with a newfound empathy and compassion for earthly life.  Called empathic or warrior crystals they help you to overcome difficulties as they have done.  Self-healed crystals have overcome the trauma of being broken off from the parent vein by growing crystals over the exposed area.  They too will help you heal yourself from potentially devastating breaks in relationships that you have experienced.

As a very hard material, quartz lasts.  As such, its storage capacity is long term covering billions of Earth years and beyond time cosmically.  This is due to the quality of piezoelectricity through which quartz also expresses itself.  When quartz is rubbed or squeezed it produces an electric charge that is consistent.  It is what has fueled our clocks and radios for decades.  Its now running our computers.  But moreover, it holds the key to end of war and the beginning of peace through a profoundly evolved civilization of human beings.  This is not about using quartz as an industrial tool.  It is about the role of quartz in the evolutionary development of the planet and our civilization.

How it works

record keeper quartz crystal

Record keepers contain multiple layers of information and technology.

Because quartz is composed of silica, its primary purpose is communication.  Silica forms semi-conducting crystals that transmit, receive, store, and amplify information.  Therefore the crystal you hold in your hand is a library, computer, and audio system.  You are capable of downloading information into it as much as you can learn how to retrieve what information and technology has been encoded into it.   However, much quartz is encoded with material that is beyond the earthly realm and multi-dimensional and/or extra-terrestrial in origin.

In order to understand the transmission, you have to speak the language. Meditation becomes the interface through which multi and higher dimensional transmissions become accessible to the human auric field.  The transmission will not necessarily become a conscious thought, but rather a conscious experience, or feeling state.  Geometric images, patterns of color, and sound states are some of the ways in which higher dimensional technologies effectively address and assist humanity beyond the limitations of the physical body and ego.

The purpose of the mineral kingdom for human development is to facilitate our transition from a third-dimensional carbon based biology into our fifth-dimensional silica based biology.  Silicon forms long complex molecular chains similar to its neighbor carbon on the periodic table of the elements.  Quartz is the vehicle through which not only global communication via the internet has emerged, it is the vehicle through which direct communication with spirit will change the anatomy of the human being.

Utilizing its Properties for Evolutionary Development

Just as a computer has to be loaded with software, your quartz was downloaded with multiple programs at its birth and throughout its history.  The geometry of the atomic bonding within the quartz is what holds thought as crystallized energy.  These geometric patterns based on the five platonic solids transmit the elements of consciousness through the silicate matrix.  The programming held within quartz is multi-dimensional and much information stems from star systems within and beyond our universe.  Celestial Beings, such as those in Arcturus and Andromeda programmed specific pieces of quartz with information about the kingdoms of nature and how they function.  Celestial Beings from Alpha Centauri encoded quartz with the transmission sequences necessary for communication with star systems.  Those beings in Sirius focused on teaching evolutionary development to galactic ambassadors, encoded much quartz with evolutionary procedures for healing and awakening the conscious mind.  Here on Earth, Atlantean masters were adept at utilizing crystalline energies to nourish and sustain an entire civilization.

M31 Great Glalaxy in Andromeda Constellation with sattelite galaxies M110 and M32

All of these Celestial Beings transferred their thoughts into the crystal and projected technological specifications into the silica through light and sound.  As such, quartz holds an evolutionary treasure for humanity’s awakening to our celestial origins and when accessed, our return to conscious awareness of our place within the cosmos is made much easier.  The geometric configurations living within the quartz activate bio-electric, magnetic, and chemical forms of life to reconnect with their essential origins.  Thus, quartz is partly a GPS system for human development.  You do have to know how to turn your navigation system on however.

Simply begin by acknowledging the life force within your crystal and ask for permission to connect.  A crystal will not activate until it recognizes the appropriateness of the situation or the frequency of the person in whose presence it currently resides.  Treat the crystal with respect placing it in a safe environment and honoring the position in which it chooses to rest, such as up in sand or down on its side.  Note whether or not it wishes to be touched or simply seen.  Does it wish to stand alone or have other mineral or plant company?

When the crystal signifies its readiness through energy, visual imprint, or sound, activation may commence.

Light activation

Color is one expression of electromagnetic energy.  By running color through the quartz, the information encoded at that particular frequency is released for retrieval.  Moving the quartz through the spectrum of light allows you to read the color chapters of energy stored within your crystal.  You will discover at what color your particular specimen radiates the most.  This will help you understand the purpose of your crystal and facilitate its effective use in your life.

Blue, indigos, and violets are useful when working with record keepers and recorder crystals.
Gold, pink, and white frequencies facilitate inter-dimensional travel through the crystals.
Browns are helpful when working with Earth energies and the kingdoms of nature.
Golds assist in accessing the wisdom and experience of our Solar Sun.

Sound activation

Sound is the other expression of electromagnetic energy.  Your crystal responds to music and indeed, sings it own.  You hear its tones through clairaudience, but you can also hear it physically sing with the use of tuning forks.  Tuning forks are metal apparatus designed to resonate at specific frequencies that correlate with the musical scale.  Therefore, they sing a note when hit.  Gently tapping the tuning fork on your crystal so as not to damage it, will release information and technology through it.
You can utilize the scale from middle “c” to high “c” to allow your crystal to express itself musically, and also to determine at what pitch it transmits the most.

The tone “e” works best with the indigo and violet colors on recorder and record keeper crystals.
The tones “f” and “g” work best with windows and doorways.
The tones “c” and “d” work best with orange and red frequencies through generator crystals to create thought-forms, always in alignment with your Higher Self.

When you hold the crystal to your right ear after tapping it with the tuning fork, the information moves through the auditory nerve into the mid-brain, specifically the hypothalamus which controls emotion, and then into the pineal gland for evolutionary activation.  You can also place the crystal into sand and gently tap it so that it can ring on its own and radiate into the room.

You may also use your own voice, singing through the scale, to determine at what pitches you feel the crystal responding.


Just as your crystal was programmed long ago.  You too can program a crystal with benevolent energies through thought projection and intention.  Simply connect with your Soul energy to determine the purpose of what you are choosing to do and whether it is of value to the civilization at this time.  If approval is given, then clearly project the thought connected with the support of your heart energy into the point of the crystal.  Continue transmitting until you feel the crystal has accepted the frequencies.  Then look into and through the crystal to see where the programming has been stored.