A Stone Just for YouStone healing is literally a treatment modality. Knowing how to use stones when, where, and how makes them effective, efficient, and competent companions on your journey to wholeness and wellbeing. As with all treatment modalities there are protocols for optimal use and basic techniques that encourage success. For example, in physical therapy you exercise, in psychotherapy you talk, and under medical care you may ingest prescriptions. When you explore utilizing your stones in the ways to be defined, you will discover whether carrying your crystals, drinking an elixir, or making a grid works best for you. You may engage multiple techniques to bring harmony and abundance to many facets of your life. Because stone medicine is a fifth dimensional modality, you have to rely upon your Soul connection for intuitive guidance and practical application. This makes the development of your crystalline relationships all the more interesting and multi-dimensionally impactful. To fully enjoy the healing power of stones you have to engage the healer within. Stone healing is a collaborative relationship between your consciousness living within your body, your Soul, the consciousness of the minerals with which you are working, and the consciousness of the planet from which your physical body was created. Let’s begin.

How Stone Medicine Works

Our bodies are composed of the minerals of the Earth such as carbon, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen.  By utilizing stones containing these elements living within us, we are accessing a form of natural chemical healing.  You don’t ingest stone medicine like prescription drugs.  Instead, minerals work around the body and in your environment providing chemical assistance through electromagnetic energy.  Minerals radiate a consistent pulse of their unique chemical frequencies.  When placed on or around the physical body, they will infuse energies that are missing, absorb energies that are overabundant, and seek to balance out the electromagnetic energies of the entire system.  Stone medicine complements traditional medical treatment and is not to be used in place of it.  Consult your health practitioner to determine the best allopathic treatment for your condition. Often stone healing will increase the efficacy of medical procedures accelerating healing by removing spiritual, emotional, mental, and etheric debris from the physical areas under distress.  As with any form of healing, learn as much about the stones you choose as possible because the more you know, the greater you benefit.  Additionally, just as the wrong herbal supplement can make you ill, so can using the wrong mineral.  What’s great about stone medicine is that there are no expiration dates and they are beautiful additions to your lives and homes.

For Your Body

People have been utilizing stones throughout human history. Early on, humans chiseled stones into tools to build homes and made knives and arrowheads out of rock to hunt. They carried these tools wherever they went. The mineral kingdom supported the development of our civilization by providing us not only with the raw materials through which we would survive, but also with the tools through which our creativity would develop.   Many rocks that were initially functional, over time became ornamental with the emergence of bead making. The oldest bead, found in the Blombos Cave in South Africa, dates back 72, 000 years.   Beads, some fashioned from coral, jet, ivory, and amber, were traded among tribes, building an early economy, and actually assisted in the development of human language. Jewelry soon followed and has ever since blossomed into a significant part of human culture.

Native American medicine woman

Native American medicine woman

The aboriginal peoples understood the spiritual connections that the mineral kingdom provided, and utilized them in jewelry and other applications for protection, healing, awareness, and harmony. Medicine bags worn by shamans may have contained turquoise and lapis lazuli.   Australian, Siberian, African, and the shamans of the Americas used clear quartz to promote mediumship, facilitate healing, and provide protection during their ceremonies. These shamans recognized the consciousness of quartz and utilized them as collaborators in communicating with Spirit. Hebrew high priests wore twelve stones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel in their breastplates. These included carnelian, jasper, topaz, peridot, amethyst, onyx, agate, and lapis lazuli. The Egyptians made cosmetics out of malachite and galena. Even though galena, which is lead, was toxic, it prevented an eye infection that was caused when the Nile flooded. It also strengthened their immune systems and reduced the Sun’s glare in their eyes.

Whether in medicine bags, crushed into powder for poultices, turned into amulets, breastplates and rings, or used as pigments for painting the body or the earth, stones have been part of the spiritual ceremonies that have honored, celebrated, and revered human life. Clay was used by the Native Americans to make their body paints for battle, ceremony, and rites of passage. Yellow paint was made from the mud of the Yellowstone River and green was made from copper ore. Clay poultices have been used throughout history to detoxify the body. In particular, bentonite clay, which is made from volcanic ash, soothes burns and heals multiple skin conditions.

The gems of the Papal Tiara radiate a powerful presence

The gems of the Papal Tiara radiate a powerful presence

As our civilization evolved, our use of the mineral kingdom changed to focus upon industrial applications. The power of copper, tin, silver, and gold provided humanity with the raw materials to facilitate the industrial revolution that has finally dropped humanity at the door of the information age.   The rise of metallurgy gave way to vast improvements in the way that jewelry was produced. The seats of power all over the world utilized these industrial advancements to promote the recognition of their influence and sovereignty in commerce and foreign affairs. The monarchies the world over, from Brazil to Taiwan, still utilize gemstones in precious metals to mark their nobility and commitment to justly governing their populations. Even at the Vatican, a Papal tiara is adorned with sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom include the largest diamond ever found before it was cut, the Cullinan Diamond. Although not as large as the Cullinan, married couples throughout the world use their diamond engagement and wedding rings to honor their commitment to loving each other.

Now however, the larger issue plaguing humanity is our capacity to unconditionally love each other and our world so that we can evolve into the next phase of our development as a civilization. Pollution, climate change, the contamination of food and water sources, the devastating effects of warfare, and technological advancements that strip the Earth of necessary resources, all have created a negative feedback loop that threatens life as we know it. Healing, at this moment in time, must address more than bodily ailments, because the environment in which your body is living is at risk. The context in which you are living your life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as well as historically, can be collectively addressed through stone healing. Crystal therapy facilitates harmony throughout your auric field so that your body is free to support the life you choose to lead in the environment in which you reside. Let’s look at how this works.

Physical Treatments

  1. Carrying:



    Lepidolite supports graceful change.

    One of the easiest ways to access the healing vibrations of stones is to carry them in your pockets. If you choose to bring a specific energy into your body wear your stone in your left pocket. If you choose to balance out your body and auric field, wear the same stone in both pockets. If you choose to clear out debris from the body, wear the stone in the right pocket. Because these stones will be working hard for you all day, wash them in some cold water and let them rest at night. For example if you need a jolt of energy, carry red jasper or garnet in both pockets. If you require some confidence and self-esteem, try a blue or purple fluorite in your left pocket and add a blue iolite for extra support.   To determine which stones address physical concerns, you may want to refer to Michael Gienger’s book, The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual.

    If you do not have pockets, you can place your stones in a small bag made of natural fabrics or leather to wear around your neck. Some ladies wear their stones in their bras. Most importantly, make sure that your stones are safe so that they can work for you and not end up on the ground.

  2. Bathing:

    Organic Crystal Infused Vanilla and Coconut Oil Body Polish and Moisturizer

    Organic Crystal Infused Vanilla and Coconut Oil Body Polish and Moisturizer
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    To promote relaxation, cleansing, and healing, stones added to the bathtub can be very effective. However, if you are using polished stones and adding epsom salts and baking soda to the healing bath water, the polish can wear over time. Additionally, if you are using soft stones in the tub, be careful removing them so that they do not break. Place your stones in a safe place in your bath water so you do not trip and they do not get stepped on. Research your stone to make sure that it is safe to use in water. The beautiful blue crystals of celestite may end up in your bathtub instead of on your specimen if it is submerged in water. It makes a beautiful addition to the bathroom when in a safe place. Additionally, halite, which is salt, will melt into the bath water and end up in the drain. You may choose to bathe with Himalayan salt for its cleansing and tender energies but you will no longer have a specimen to take out of the tub.

    You can infuse your bath scrubs, lotions, and soaps with crystalline energies similarly to the way you would add an essential oil or flower essence. You can place a small stone in your lotion bottle or scrub jar. For example, rose quartz, which supports collagen in the skin can be added to a face cream. And, emerald, which supports the physical vitality of the body, can be added to body lotion.

    Celestite connects you to angelic support.

    Please ask your stone whether it would like to serve you in that way. Some will and some will choose another application. You can use small tumbled stones as a drain for your soap dish. These small tumbled stones, which can include agates, jaspers, and quartz, will be infusing the soap with their radiations so that you receive their vibrations every time you wash your hands.

    If you have a personal sauna, you can place minerals such as amethyst, jade, and quartz, in the sauna to infuse the space with relaxing and detoxifying energies. Additionally, you can create stone grids for bathrooms which support cleansing of the entire auric field, and not just the body. Utilizing stones which are blue, such as aquamarine or larimar, will support the fluid release of debris from the auric field. Remember that close proximity to water may weaken some stones so be careful about your choices for bathrooms and saunas.

  3. Gem Elixirs

    vitajuwel gem vials

    Vitajuwel’s Gem Vials
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    You can drink in the vibrational assistance of minerals by creating gem elixirs.
    To make a gem elixir your first step is to decide what symptom or ailment you choose to treat. Then you research the stone or crystals that will radiate the necessary electromagnetic frequencies that promote healing from that malady. Start with one stone to note its effectiveness. Then you can add one or two more stones as necessary until your feel the power of your personal elixir. An easy way to start working with gem elixirs is to mix a piece of clear quartz with an aventurine. Green aventurine supports harmony and the health of the body. When mixed with clear quartz it becomes more powerful. Aventurines also come in many colors so you can pick the color you are most attracted to and that will be what your field most requires.   Once you have chosen and cleaned your stones, you will need a glass or ceramic bowl, distilled water, and a glass jar.

    On a sunny day, pour distilled water into your glass bowl and place your stone in it. Program the stone in the water by asking it to assist in your healing. Place your hands over the bowl and energetically connect from your head and heart to the stones in the water. You will feel a sensation when the programming is complete. Place the bowl of water outside in the Sun or in a sunny window for at least four hours. If outside, consider covering the bowl with cheesecloth to prevent bugs and leaves from landing in the water. After four hours, take the stone out of the water and place the water in a glass jar. If you are making an elixir around the time of a full moon, you can leave your glass bowl out overnight and let the moonlight infuse your elixir instead of the Sun. You can thank the stone for its service and put it aside to make more of this elixir. If you find that this stone is not your best choice to address your concern or issue, you can deprogram the stone for another application.

    vitajuwel gem vialsBe conscious of the stones you pick for your elixir. The quartz, beryl, agate, and jasper options for elixirs are powerful, safe, beautiful, and will tolerate being in water for extended periods of time. Some minerals, however, are toxic, including galena which is lead, skutterudite, which contains arsenic, and malachite, which contains copper. Do not use toxic minerals to create gem elixirs. The book Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vols. I and II by Gurudas is an excellent resource and guide to creating your own gem elixirs.

    Dosages are very personal with gem elixirs. They can be as powerful as prescription medications or as gentle as lavender. Therefore start with a small dose such as a teaspoon in the morning and at night. Monitor how you feel. You can go up to even a quarter cup twice, or three times a day, depending upon how you respond to the elixir. Try your elixir for at least seven days before adding another stone energy. Because your stones are radiating electromagnetic energies into the water, not only your body, but also your mood and outlook will be affected by the elixir. Use the elixir until you feel the dis-ease dissolving and vitality returning. You can add the elixir to creams if you are addressing a skin or muscle issue. You can also add them to water and spray them around you or even onto the bed in which you are convalescing. If you use spring water to make your elixir and only take two teaspoons a day, you may find something growing at the bottom of your glass jar. This is why distilled water allows you to discover the best dosage without having to compromise the elixir. You may choose to consult a crystal healing practitioner to help you design your most beneficial elixir. VitaJuwel, a German company, produces gem elixirs encased in blown glass to promote healthy bodies and insightful minds. Utilizing vials of specifically chosen gemstones, they address a variety of concerns and make this version of stone medicine easy, fun, and effective. You simply deposit the vial in your drinking water. You can explore their gem elixirs as www.vitajuwel.com.

    You can increase the vibration of your elixir by adding sacred geometry, such as stone or metal versions of the Platonic Solids around the bowl while it is out in the Sun. You can also place your elixir bowl under a pyramid or place it over a particular mandala that addresses your discomfort. You can even place your elixir bowl inside a crystal bowl out in the Sun. If you pre-program distilled water to be filled with peace, healthy, joy, love, and abundance, before utilizing it in the elixir, the water will add these qualities to your healing process.

  4. Jewelry

    Aquamarine ringIn our day, jewelry is taken for granted as part of our wardrobes. Often seen as an accessory to an outfit, we do not generally pay attention to the stones that we are wearing. Additionally, due to synthetic methods, costume jewelry does not even contain minerals and will not have the healing value that we are seeking. To utilize jewelry as medicine, you have to become conscious of the stone’s value to your healing and use it appropriately. For someone undergoing radiation treatment, smoky quartz will detoxify the body after treatment and reduce the severity of burns. In the case of chronic illness, citrine supports perseverance and is especially useful with digestive disorders. Prehnite with epidote supports the kidneys and the adrenal glands radiating peace into a physical body that is overstressed. To learn more about how specific stones attend to specific physical ailments, visit Mineral Jewelry for Healing and Rejuvenation. Once you have chosen your stone, determine whether a bracelet, ring, pendant, ankle bracelet, choker, or long necklace is the best option for the condition you are seeking to treat.

    In the case of jewelry, dosages are replaced by the amount of time a piece of jewelry is worn to deliver relief and to recover from trauma and restore vital life force. If you are receiving a particular treatment such as physical therapy, you may choose to wear a green calcite necklace or bracelet for an hour after your session to reduce pain and increase flexibility. If you are suffering from a migraine headache, you may wear an amethyst necklace for 24 hours or until the pain ceases. Some minerals will work immediately while others will require longer wearing periods to become fully effective. For optimal healing the stone needs to touch the skin, not be enveloped in metal. Pendants and rings that expose the stones to the skin can be utilized for healing. You can use simple gemstone chip necklaces and bracelets to create a crystal healing medicine cabinet for you and your family. Because these pieces of jewelry are designated for healing, you may choose to separate them from your other jewelry.amethyst jewelry

    Because this jewelry is functioning as medicine, it requires significant clearing to maintain its electromagnetic effectiveness. To clear your chip necklaces or chip bracelets of congestion and energetic debris, place them on a bed of salt and they will renew themselves. Do not wash them under water if string was used to make your chip necklace or bracelet as they will eventually break. For all other jewelry, you can simply run them under water and leave them on a sacred geometry plate or mandala to be re-energized. It is important for you to check whether your stone is clear by energetically connecting to it and feeling its readiness to work with you again. Remember to program your necklaces and bracelets with your intentions and they will gladly work with you on healing and regeneration.

  5. Whole Body Layouts

    wholebodylayout Crystal healer sensing energyIt takes a full twenty minutes for a group of stones to collaboratively create an electromagnetic matrix of support for an individual. Grids can be placed underneath a chair that an individual is sitting in, or even around the feet of an individual who is standing up. But, the most well-known of these personal stone grids are those that surround an individual laying on a massage table, bed, or even the floor.   Full body crystal layouts provide an intimate experience of being supported and cared for by the mineral kingdom. An individual’s entire auric field, including his hopes and dreams, thoughts, feelings, memories and physical body, are enveloped by the unique matrix of electromagnetic energies radiating from the stones surrounding and laying upon him. The effect is generally highly relaxing, yet stone layouts can also catalyze emotional and physical releases of toxic debris. After the release which can be tearful, fearful, painful, or full of anger and frustration, auric harmony will increase along with a greater sense of wellbeing. The stones utilized in full body layouts are committed to your healing and fearlessly address the physical blocks, emotional hurts, mental judgments, traumatizing memories, and spiritual despair that often create illness and disharmony. When you are surrounded by the strength of the mineral kingdom in a crystal layout, the weakest areas of your field are upheld, restored, and strengthened so that you can re-enter your world as whole and as effective as possible.

    Wholebodylayout Young woman at crystal healingFrom my perspective, the best way to experience a crystal full body layout, is to receive one from a crystal therapist. It is not easy to set up an assortment of specifically chosen stones, in a unique geometric configuration that will support the positive movement of your vital life force, and then lay down in it without moving one or more stones out of position. Additionally, if you fall into a deep meditative state and a stone falls out of your hand or off your body, no one else is there to put it back in its place in the matrix. Moreover, for many layouts, you need at least twenty to even forty stones to create the crystal cocoon in which you will heal. Crystal therapists have already invested in their stone pharmacies and learned the properties of the stones that will best assist you. Give yourself the gift of not only the mineral kingdom, but also of the professional who will guide you to your best experience with the healing power of minerals. Based upon your experience, you can ask for a simple crystal protocol to support your healing journey in the future.

    For those who choose to explore crystal layouts on their own, start with simple geometric shapes, such as laying in a rectangle of emeralds, an oval of rose quartz, or a triangle of citrine. Place a number of quartz points in a circle around your body with the points facing in towards your body. Receive the vibrations for twenty minutes. Then turn the quartz points away from your body, receive the vibrations for twenty more minutes and notice the difference in your energy levels. Love Is In The Earth: Laying-On-Of-Stoneswritten by Melody is an excellent guide to experiencing full body layouts.

  6. For Our Animal Companions

    Angel Ilona's cockateil Angel and Beauty Ilona's cockateilsThe mineral kingdom can also help us care for our pets. Gem elixirs can be created to support your pet’s emotional and physical health. Only the elixir water, not the stone, can be added to water bowls or even to baths to support your pet. Stones can also be placed under beds or around cages to provide comfort, healing, a sense of safety, and peace. Gem elixirs can be made into sprays to use as needed when your pet is going through the day. Stones can be applied to collars to assist in the healing of an ailment or the soothing of an emotional distress. Of primary importance is your animal’s safety. Do not leave stones in places where they can be ingested and make sure that they are not in water or food dishes. As with all stone healing, research the minerals that will best assist your pet, as the wrong stone can make their condition worse.

As you develop a personal relationship with the mineral kingdom, your awareness of which stone to use when, where, and how will grow. The mineral kingdom generously supports us and appreciates our conscious awareness of its power.