The Flower of Life contains Metatron’s Cube

Explore Life in 5D is an adventure in multi-dimensional support. As humanity shifts from ego based businesses and institutions into soul based businesses and collaborative cultural associations, we at Growing Consciousness choose to nurture an economy of love with as much currency as possible. The next seventeen years will provide critical turning points away from profit and towards planetary service. All those pioneering fifth dimensional products, services, artistry, and environmental conservation deserve recognition and encouragement as they are crossing the boundaries of third dimensional living and collaboratively creating a human culture of fifth dimensional living. It is a wonderful time to be Soul inventive and multi-dimensionally interactive.

The Explore Life in 5D Committee is dedicated to supporting the development of fifth dimensional lifestyles on the Earth. We choose to empower, honor, appreciate and acknowledge those individuals and organizations contributing to the development of fifth dimensional living by providing $500.00 grants to support their evolutionary services, products, businesses, and creative ventures. It is our privilege to embrace those whose offer all of us a profound future . Listed below is our mission statement and the principles of fifth dimensional living that each of us uphold in our personal lives. We strive to be examples of soul-embodied humanity and wish to clear the path for those to follow with grace and courage.


5D Subtle Bodies Crystalline Matrix

Our Mission Statement:

To promote the recognition of fifth dimensional principles in order to expose the general public to the benefits of fifth dimensional living.
To understand how fifth dimensional living empowers peaceful collaboration to promote participation in fifth dimensional communities.
To utilize the experience of fifth dimensional communities to engage the general public in embracing fifth dimensional living as a new way of life.


Fifth Dimensional Principles:

  • Creative Collaboration
  • Gender Unity
  • Commitment to Service
  • Graceful Abundance
  • Capacity for Joy
  • Unconditional Loving