World TreeWe look forward to hearing your vision of fifth dimensional living and how you are making it a reality. We would like to support your contribution by knowing the mission statement of your business or practice or artistry. It is important for us to know how many kingdoms of nature will be graced by your creations and how many people you wish to reach in this new civilization of peace. Whether or not you have many years in business or private practice or just starting a new 5D adventure, we are interested in you. Please apply. Grants are offered every year so you can reapply. Don’t give up!

Apply for the Explore Life in 5D Grant here:

The Submission Deadline for the December 2017 Grant is November 13th.  

Please mail your application to:
Growing Consciousness, 95 Madison Ave., #1, Madison, NJ 07940.

We invite you to experience our 5D Community at our
New Moon Planetary Activations in Madison, NJ.  We celebrate our recipients by presenting them to our community at the December activation.