Copper enthusiastically supports your goals and motivates you to succeed.

Rocks are a significant part of our lives because we live on them and with them. Anyone living on the island of Manhattan owes their accommodations to the Manhattan Schist, Inwood Marble, and Fordman Gneiss upon which all the skyscrapers stand. Those enjoying the beaches of the world, including the pink sands of Bermuda, have silica to thank for their walks on the edges of the oceans. And without the mining of copper, tin, silver, coal, limestone, granite, quartz, bauxite, cobalt, and marble, the homes and businesses in which you reside, and the vehicles in which you travel, would not be comfortable, convenient, safe, or sturdy. Glencore Xstrata, the largest mineral company in the world, extracted $74 billion of copper, nickel, zinc/lead alloys, aluminum and iron ore, and coal in 2013. The second largest mining company in the world, BHP Billiton, along with the aforementioned metals noted above, extracted manganese, silver, and uranium in its $67.83 billion sales for 2013. We lead rock-solid lives because we live on a planet composed of minerals that support and sustain life on Earth.

That being said, humanity tends to take the mineral kingdom for granted, ignoring the role that rocks and minerals play in the body of the Earth. The reality of your carbon footprint exists in large part due to the consumption of coal and other fossil fuels taken from the Earth, without asking her permission. Fracking, the newest way to extract natural gas from the Earth, has reportedly created unintended consequences which may include seismic activity and water contamination. The Atlanteans were known for the use of quartz crystals that supported the power grids of their cities and villages. Initially, they worked collaboratively with the kingdoms of nature to live in harmony on the planet. But contaminated with greed and lusting for power, they too, became enamored of the power available on the planet and in taking advantage, destroyed themselves. Our physical reality revolves around the care we provide for the planet from which we have emerged. Each of us is a part of the body of Earth. To the degree that we care for her, we are caring for ourselves.

milky way galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy

This level of planetary connection requires an understanding of the sacredness of the Earth, an awareness that the planet herself is a conscious evolving being. The planets of our solar system are her immediate family and she is supported by the extended family of the Milky Way galaxy in this universe. Regardless of humanity’s capacity to comprehend Creation, All of creation is connected and lives in relationship. As Carl Sagan noted, humanity is dependent upon the stars for our existence. He said, “ The events in one star can influence a world halfway across the galaxy and a billion years in the future….But from a planet orbiting a star in a distant globular cluster, a still more glorious dawn awaits – not a sunrise, but a galaxy-rise; a morning filled with four hundred billion suns – the rising of the Milky Way… From such a world…it would be clear, as it is beginning to be clear in our world, that we are made by the atoms and the stars, that our matter and our form are determined by the cosmos by which we are a part.” The sacred sites located on the planetary grid support the reality that throughout ancient history, stones were utilized to link the Earth with her celestial origins so that she could receive supportive electromagnetic emanations required for the evolution of all life on the planet.

Pyramids at Giza

Pyramids at Giza

Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun

The pyramids at Giza in Egypt are aligned with the star system Orion, which is known as a system of great technological development. This alignment supported the communication between the star system Sirius and the leaders of Egyptian culture and spirituality. The Pyramid of the Sun, outside of Mexico City at Teotihuacan is aligned with the Pleiades. The Pleiadian star system holds the blueprint for the physical evolution of humanity. Teotihuacan translates into “the place where men become gods.” This pyramid was constructed of obsidian, hard, glassy, volcanic rock. It was here that Toltec wisdom flowed onto the Earth. Other pyramids found all over the globe were also constructed in alignment with astronomical configurations which promote the downloading of celestial frequencies from specific celestial destinations during solstices and equinoxes. Although these ancient structures were abandoned by their civilizations, they still continue to receive some of the frequencies for which they were built. Those who visit them, especially at solstices and equinoxes, receive the activations and electromagnetic upgrades for which they were created thousands of years ago. Many individuals find themselves making enlightened choices and fifth dimensional decisions after visiting sacred sites.



The great stone rings at Stonehenge were used for sacred ceremonies and are specifically located on ley lines of the crystalline grid of the planet. Many of these megalithic stones contained bluestone. They were used for healing as well as for religious pilgrimages, burials and as an astronomical calendar. Avebury, a sacred site containing three stone circles, is actually older than Stonehenge and located twenty miles north of Stonehenge. It too was used for sacred ceremonies but also believed to have linked sacred sites because it also contained earth banks and ditches. Bethe Hagens and William S. Becker defined and described a geometric planetary grid system that surrounds the Earth. Utilizing United Vector Geometry, they identified sixty-two nodal points on the planetary grid. Easter Island, Hawaii, Lake Baikal, the pyramids at Giza, the Nazca plate, and the Findhorn community in Scotland, are uniquely positioned on the planetary grid to receive greater amounts of electromagnetic energies. Many of the Earth’s most sacred sites and military bases are found among these locations and other powerful secondary sites located on the ley lines connecting the nodes. The electromagnetic power radiating from these sites makes them prime locations for commerce, government, religion, spirituality, and extra-terrestrial contact. There are many smaller ley lines that link these sites to each other. Your home may be located on or near one. Knowing how to access and utilize these crystalline planetary energies can be highly beneficial to your home, property, business, and family. Refer to Anti-Gravity and The World Grid, by David Hatcher Childress to learn more about the planetary grid and how your home may be directly connected to it.

mineral miningOnce you gain a conscious recognition of the sacredness of the Earth and an appreciation of the planet’s connection to powerful celestial forces, you begin to treat your homes and offices, lawns and yards, ponds and brooks, with the honor, respect, and gratitude that they deserve for sheltering and supporting you. Minerals, in particular, can provide specific assistance with protection, nurturing, awakening, harmony, communication, and peace upon the properties on which your homes and offices are located. When the land is respected, the people who live on or visit the land have a better chance of respecting each other and themselves. Additionally, you can learn how to consecrate the water in wells and underground streams that run through or support your property. The water is the communication system through which the stones send their electromagnetic emanations. You can drink in the sacred energy of your property once you have consecrated the land and the stones upon it to honor, support, and uphold life.

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

All of life is in relationship to each other, including our relationship with the elements, without which we would not exist. The earth, air, fire, ether, and water elements that compose planetary life, were honored, respected, and utilized with gratitude by aboriginal peoples and the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Today, this is even more important as the Soul of humanity is awakening and our ability to consciously engage in multi-dimensional communication is emerging. Minerals in particular have experience with intense heat, massive pressure, the might of water, and the power of the wind. They know the process of metamorphism intimately and can assist humanity in our own metamorphosis into soul-embodied human beings.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth

At this time in humanity’s evolution, respecting, honoring, and collaborating with the mineral kingdom is essential. The planet is evolving into her fifth dimensional expression and taking us with her. The communication and understanding between humanity and the planetary body is deepening. This new level of awareness and consideration is supported by the intelligences living within our solar system and galaxy. The gems and crystals of the mineral kingdom are divinely designed to assist humanity in our soul-embodiment. They awaken our ability to consciously engage in multi-dimensional communication and serve as microphones, receivers, amplifiers, and storage facilities for the higher guidance, perception, and vision required to live fifth dimensional lifestyles. They link us to the celestial intelligences offering us assistance and they link us to the Soul of the Earth. As the Soul of humanity awakens, it is our crystal companions that serve as guides and interpreters of the multi-dimensional majesty unfolding as Earth transforms into her fifth dimensional radiance.

Once you become conscious and grateful for the stones that literally uphold the functioning of your world, you can learn how to harmonize with your environment and collaborate with the mineral kingdom to create a little piece of Heaven on Earth wherever you live or work. The more your respect, honor, and collaborate with the mineral kingdom, the healthier, happier, and more content you will become. Let’s explore how.

  1. Stone Grids

    Environmental stone grids are created to fulfill a specific intention in a defined location and are programmed to radiate the electromagnetic frequencies necessary to manifest that intention, goal, relationship, or accomplishment.

    In the same way that full body layouts address your entire auric field, stone grids can address all the energies in the environments in which you live or work. They can support cooperation, provide protection, facilitate harmony, infuse kindness, promote communication, radiate peace, build enthusiasm, support health, and encourage loving. The size of the grid depends upon the size of the house, property, office, building, or business. The larger the environment, the bigger the mineral specimens should be. For example, minerals, the size of a lime, may be appropriate for a small one bedroom apartment, while those the size of a softball may be necessary for a mansion. When addressing businesses, very large stones, the size of a basketball, may be required. All life within the radiation of the grid will be affected so be conscious of what you are intending. A grid that supports the health of one family member, will promote the health of every family member living at home. A grid that supports an abundant business will promote abundance for all those working at the establishment.

    To build your environmental grid, determine your intention and research the stones that support your goal. You may need three or ten stones. Listen to your intuition along with your intelligence to find the right number of minerals for your purpose. To promote abundance you can include topaz, citrine, and jade. To facilitate cooperation you may invite lepidolite, chaorite, rutilated quartz, and mica into your grid. For protection, you may enjoy black kyanite, shungite, and nuummite. Next, determine how large of a space or structure you are addressing and identify the size of the minerals you will need. Once you acquire them you will need a container. Glass, ceramic, and wood containers are the most supportive to your mineral grid. Sand is the easiest and cleanest medium in which to place your stones in the container. You can use garden sand or colorful craft sand for your grid. There needs to be enough sand so that the stones are sitting equal to or above the edge of the container. You do not want them to be buried in the container. Their job is to radiate frequencies into the environment so they need clear access to it.

    Placing your stones in the sand should follow geometric parameters. Square formations support stability and manifestation. Circular formations promote unity and communication. Spiral formations encourage progress and evolution. Triangular configurations fuel insight and awareness. And cross formations encourage balance. You will also need to address your specimens to determine which face or side is radiating the most energy so you can position the stone in the sand with that face or side accessing the environment. Otherwise, the sand in your grid will receive the energies instead of your space. Keep moving the stones around until you feel or sense that the grid is complete.

    Program your stones in the grid by energetically connecting to them and asking them to help you meet your objective. You may place your hands over the grid as you send them your intention. You will intuit when the programming is complete. Place your grid in a safe space in your environment, where it will not be touched or knocked over. Be careful that pets will not eat or disturb your grid. You can place a glass dome over smaller grids for protection. Active grids promoting new jobs or new locations should be placed in active areas of your home. Grids supporting healing and rest can be placed in bedrooms and quieter areas of your home. Office grids need to be placed where they will be most beneficial depending on whether they are for collaboration in conference rooms, or in individual cubicles to support specific skills. As your stones continually work with and for you to achieve your goals, your grid will need to be cleansed with sage, lavender, copal, or incense. The more intense your environment is, the more cleansing it will require. You may also place your grid on top of sacred geometry to keep it constantly clear and optimally functioning.

    Every environmental grid connects to one or more planetary grids because the minerals that you are using in your personal grid belong to a mineral family that shares a resonance with each other all over the planet. The intentions that you program into your grids are supported by the energies of the Earth through crystalline communication. Energetically you have placed a call to the auric field of the Earth and it will respond in accord with the most benevolent outcome for you and all life on Earth. Do you now recognize the power of an environmental grid? It is quite amazing to be so supported by this kingdom of nature.

    Furthermore, if you know how to dowse, you can determine whether your home or property is located on a power node or significant ley line. Burying specific stones in your yard on a power spot or connecting multiple stones in a linear fashion on a ley line can increase vibration or clear toxins from the property. If you are living in an urban environment with significant stimulation or danger, specific stones such as amethyst, black tourmaline, rubellite, shungite, and quartz can be placed in the home or on the property to be utilized for protection and grounding. To learn more about how environmental grids connect to the planetary grid, please visit, How To Build Stone Grids to Manifest New Realities on this site and refer to the book, Anti-Gravity and The World Grid by David Hatcher Childress.

  2. House Geodes

    When addressing an entire home, more than one grid may be necessary. You can literally build a number of grids to be placed on every level and in every direction of your home to create a crystalline matrix within your house, or living space. The effect of these multiple grids is that of crystallizing the space so that it becomes energetically active, fluid, and spiritually alive. If you have ever seen a very large amethyst of citrine geode, you were most likely mesmerized by the beauty of the crystallization and drawn to touch it. You wanted to feel its beauty, wonder, and energy, to step within it and be surrounded by it. With multiple grids geometrically positioned in your living space, your home radiates the crystalline frequencies of a geode. Any person, animal, or plant that comes into your home is literally enveloped by the crystalline energies which are collectively supporting the life force in your home. Utilizing environmental stone grids in this application is an investment not only in your home but in your family. Everything and everyone in your living space is constantly being blessed by specific members of the mineral kingdom. This gift supports the conscious evolution of family life and the wellbeing of every member of the family, including pets.

  3. Electromagnetic Flow

    We live in an electrically alive, magnetically grounded world. The forces of electricity and magnetism are constantly moving through and around us creating the energetic environment in which we function. The natural world lives in harmony with these electrical and magnetic forces. Humanity molds, utilizes, and exhausts them. At this point in humanity’s evolution our demand for energy has not kept pace with our respect for the planet. Our lives are directly affected by high tension power lines, cell phone radiation, microwaves, pollution from fossil fuels, and nuclear energy. Our planet is a generous provider, but not a limitless provider. As humanity evolves into a new civilization of peace, we have choices to make, not merely about how much we consume, but also about how much consumption is actually necessary to lead a comfortable life. With that in mind, the best way to support positive and healthy electromagnetic flow is to be considerate of the energy you use to happily live your life and contribute to the world. Then make choices that honor the technology in your homes rather than abusing them. The less time you spend in the presence of electromagnetic radiation, the less you have to worry about it.

    If you are feeling unusual levels of fatigue, joint and muscle pain, decreased attention span, insomnia, increased irritability, and even some memory loss, you may be feeling the effects of increased electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s), in your home or office. High electromagnetic frequencies can raise the levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your body so that you remain on high alert and have difficulty relaxing. It is important to determine whether these symptoms are related to some other trigger or are truly environmental. One way to test this is to note how you feel when you are out of the house and off of the property. Do you physically, mentally, and emotionally feel better when you are not at home? If this is consistently the case, then you most likely are being exposed to higher levels of electromagnetic frequencies that are disturbing your optimal functioning. The mineral kingdom, which can absorb excess electromagnetic radiation, can be helpful in clearing your home and office of these energetic disturbances.

    Placing stones near the television, computer, microwave, and telephones can help to absorb electromagnetic radiation or to direct it back into the Earth. Additionally, if you live near or under powerlines, it is very important to mitigate the high levels of electromagnetic energy constantly flowing into and through your living space to maintain physical wellbeing for your family, pets, and plants. Stones that contain a higher iron content assist in magnetizing your space and grounding the electrical flow that impacts the coherence of your auric field. Black tourmaline, shungite, nuummite, and colemanite can be placed around your home and even buried in your yard. Additionally lodestone, magnetite, hematite, and pyrite are useful in feeling stable, connected to the Earth, and safe in your environment. However, these four stones are highly magnetic and cannot be placed near your desktop computer, laptops, and phones. Because quartz functions as semi-conductors, amplifying and directing electromagnetic energies, you want to avoid using them for this purpose. They will amplify what you desire to be absorbed and dissipated in your living and work environments.

    Depending upon the size of your home, office, or yard, choose stones that are large enough to handle the job you are asking them to do for you. Do not place three tumbled stones, each the size of a grape, next to a 54” large screen television. A stone the size of a grapefruit will be much more successful at absorbing and redirecting the EMF’s coming from the television. Additionally, take time to clear your hard-working stones by running them through cool water, clearing them with liquid sage, or another clearing incense. For more consistent clearing, place them upon a sacred geometrical symbol or mandala to assist in the grounding and transmutation of the EMF’s in your home, office, or property. The more devices you have in your home, the more stones you will need to correct the imbalances. This is especially important in the bedrooms of children and teenagers whose physical development is even more directly impacted by the presence of large doses of EMF’s. This issue also applies to dorm rooms for your children going to college.

  4. Gardening Support

    The mineral kingdom nurtures and supports the plant kingdom which nurtures and supports the animal kingdom and humanity. Simply put, rocks feed the vegetables and fruits we eat and the animals we consume as food. We are interdependent and completely connected to the world that surrounds us. In fact, our survival depends upon our collaboration with the kingdoms of nature. Once we respect this observable fact we can consciously collaborate with how the mineral kingdom is supporting the health of the plants and animals residing on our properties. The United States Geological Survey (, offers abundant data on the geology upon which your home rests and the toxicity present in the vicinity of your home or business. It is worth taking the time to research this information to protect yourself and your loved ones while supporting a healthy environment.

    According to the National Gardening Association, east of the Mississippi River and in the Pacific Northwest soil tends to be acidic. Soils in the Plains states, Rocky Mountain Region, and Southwest tend to be alkaline. Because soil is composed of 45% minerals weathered from bedrock, it is helpful to know which minerals are present in the dirt upon which you stand. Once you determine the bedrock upon which your house rests, you have a better idea of what you may need to add to the soil to assist in healthy plant growth. Additionally, if you discover toxic metals or other chemicals in your soil, you can learn how to remedy the contamination so that your lawns are safe places in which your children and pets can play. Your local United States Department of Agriculture Extension Office tests land samples. It is a simple way to determine the health of your property. In this era of organic gardening, community supported agriculture, permaculture, and eating local seasonal foods, gardening is becoming no longer a hobby, but a way to restore that which humanity has taken from the Earth. Through conscious and respectful gardening and yard care, healing can occur between humanity and the plant and animal kingdoms. Abundant health will be an obvious and welcome outcome for all.

    Although 45% of soil is mineral based, 50% of soil is air and water. Just 5% is organic matter. Dirt needs to breathe to support the emerging life growing within it. Additionally, plants need just the right amount of water to settle into or drain through specific terrains to promote vibrant crops. Getting the right mix of soil components for specific families of plants, types of trees, native plants and grasses is something Mother Earth naturally does. However, we have disturbed that harmonic balance and now must learn from Mother Earth how to heal the land that has taken hundreds to thousands of years to become fertile and self-sustaining. In looking at photos from the Dust Bowl that occurred in 1934-1937, 150,000 square miles, including the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles and neighboring sections of Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, were devastated by drought causing immense social suffering and physical debilitation which included influenza, asthma, and bronchitis. This drought was a natural disaster fueled by human greed to develop large wheat fields possible through the advent of gasoline tractors. The native prairie grasses that anchored the soil of the Great Plains were replaced by wheat which drained the soil and nothing but dust was left. The massive dust storms were described as Black Blizzards and one was so huge it blew all the way to the Atlantic Ocean coating the Statue of Liberty in dust.

    Currently Africa is being ravaged by the effects of global warming driven by human consumption of energy and planetary resources. According to The Christian Science Monitor, the strongest El Nino in two decades struck southern and eastern Africa causing disastrous effects as lower than average rainfall and delayed rainfall occurred. Immediate crop failure, death of livestock, and widespread water shortages resulted. However, according to Nature Climate Change, this is only the beginning as they report that El Nino weather patterns are likely to double in frequency by the end of this century. Subsistence and commercial farmers have already experienced massive crop failures and this is expected to continue. In South Africa, agronomists estimate that 30% to 40% of all corn crops will fail resulting in higher prices for the corn that does survive. Not only energy consumption but also alternative farming practices are necessary to adapt to a changing planetary environment in Africa and in every continent on the planet. The mineral kingdom is willing and able to assist humanity in changing our behavior to support life on Earth.

    Fertilization, to which the mineral kingdom contributes, is a healing modality when respectfully and consciously utilized in conjunction with the plant, animal, and human kingdoms. When misused it causes injury to the land, harm to the plants, and disastrous consequences for humanity. Understanding what your soil needs and providing it in a loving and caring manner will allow you and your property to energetically connect in a harmonic collaboration. Here is where soil testing is very helpful. To lower the ph of alkaline soils, sulfur is useful. To raise the ph of acidic oil, lime is helpful. The Mineral N-P-K fertilizer supports healthy plant life by infusing nitrogen into the soil to support the growth of stems and leaves. It infuses phosphorus into the soil, which supports germination and photosynthesis for healthy growth. And it infuses potassium to support high yields and healthy leaves. Other minerals utilized for fertilizer include dolomitic limestone, gypsum, Epsom salts, green sand, and rock dust to support the health of the land upon which they are placed. Researching which minerals will support the specifics of your property and the plants in your gardens is essential to high yields and vibrant beauty. Additionally knowing when and how to apply these soil additives is essential to their effective use.

    Outside of the realm of fertilizer, creating a rock garden is a fun and beautiful way to welcome the mineral kingdom onto your property. According to Amanda Gates of, there are seven crystals that will support the wellbeing of your gardens. They include moss agate to support plant vitality and help you to consciously connect to your garden, and moonstone, which resonates with the energies of the Moon, to restore and revitalize your plants according to natural cycles. Green calcite promotes a calm and happy environment in which your plants will grow, and malachite further encourages abundant growth in such a supportive environment. Tiger’s eye supports root growth and citrine warms and energizes the garden promoting abundance. Clear quartz strengthens plants and soil. It also amplifies the energies of all plants growing within its radiation, which means greater nutrition for you and your loved ones.

    Consider your stones for your rock garden as carefully as the plants you will use. What energy is required at the back of the yard, on the side of the home near a busy street, in front of the house, or even pots on the deck or patio? Think about “planting” your stones and ask them if they are happy where you have placed them. If not, move them until you feel that they are comfortable because then they will promote more productivity in the garden. The size of your stones should be determined by the size of your garden bed or beds. A little tumbled stone will work for a potted parsley or thyme, but a specimen the size of an orange and even a watermelon might be more appropriate for large vegetable gardens. You can also configure your rocks into geometric shapes to further support the plants and the soil itself. Work with you garden and it will collaborate and produce for you.

    In biodynamic farming, quartz is used to heal the land and promote healthy crops. Prep 501, one of the more important elements in biodynamic agriculture, consists of crushed quartz, buried in cow horns, between spring and autumn in which the light of the Sun is most powerful on the Earth. The quartz absorbs these light frequencies and will increase the process of photosynthesis for the plants onto whom these energies will be sprayed once the curing process is complete. The buried quartz becomes a bridge grounding the life-force from the heavens and radiating it into the Earth. To learn more about Prep 501, visit

    According to Peter Proctor in his book, Grasp the Nettle, the shape, appearance, and form of plants are positively affected by the triangulation of light active in the quartz crystal. He points to the five triangular petals of a single rose or petunia which take the form of a pentagram. Quartz, a member of the trigonal crystal system has a six-sided prism terminating with six-sided pyramids at each end. This geometric configuration aligns with the triangulation of leaves or petals, and forms a symmetrical balance which supports the health of the plants living on the property in which it is utilized. Planting large pieces of quartz in your garden is a lovely gift to your garden and to the Earth itself.

    Another way to incorporate rocks easily into the garden is through a Stone Medicine Wheel. Built utilizing the symbols of the Christ Consciousness, a plus sign inside of a circle, Medicine Wheels create a portal for higher dimensional energies to enter and radiate through your property. Currently the unconditional loving of the Christ Consciousness is powerfully flowing into our world as never before. The Medicine Wheel draws this energy onto your property and radiates it to all life within its reach. A gift from the Native American tribes to all of us, this sacred process welcomes the Heavens to the Earth in a unique and specific way. Sun Bear describes this in his book, Dancing With The Wheel: “The Medicine Wheel is a springboard of power that will allow you to link up with all the energies of the universe. It is a place where the great teachers of knowledge will gather to share with each other and the people. The Medicine Wheel is a place where we can speak of medicine to heal our sick, of ways to produce food to feed the hungry, of methods to house the homeless, and of means to teach people to find a balance in their lives and harmony with the earth.” He gives specific directions about how to build a Medicine Wheel using thirty-six stones of varying sizes on your property. Remember that the sizes of the stones you use should correlate to the area that you are seeking to consecrate. Each of the stones correlate with the Earth, the directions, clans, Spirit Keepers, moons and totems, and paths to spiritual growth and awareness.

    Building a Medicine Wheel can be a strong bonding experience for a family and especially helpful in providing a sacred experience of the Earth for children. The Medicine Wheel can be used to mark birthdays, anniversaries, the beginning of school, graduations, and any rites of passage. As a portal for increasing life-force and encouraging unconditional loving, the Medicine Wheel supports the expansion of all types of relationships. It can also be a place for receiving healing from the Heavens and the Earth by sitting near it. There are many ceremonies provided in Sun Bear’s book for you and your family to explore the growth possible through this rock portal. Consciously place your Medicine Wheel in a place in your yard where it is protected so that it is easy to complete these ceremonies all year around.

    Even if you don’t have a yard, you can build an indoor Medicine Wheel. For directions to build a Medicine Wheel using thirty-six specific gemstones including garnets, bloodstone, fluorite, fire opal and peridot, visit A small Medicine Wheel will still magnetize the Christ Consciousness into your apartment.

  5. Feng Shui

    Clear quartz

    Clear quartz energizes you to enjoy your life.

    Feng Shui is the Chinese art of designing living spaces to support positive, life-affirming environments. Literally meaning “wind and water”, Feng Shui facilitates the movement of electromagnetic energies through, around, within, and above you, at home and at work. In Feng Shui electromagnetic energy is called chi, and good chi is what everyone seeks to create in their living spaces. Because minerals amplify, direct, and radiate electromagnetic energies, they are extremely beneficial to Feng Shui treatments of homes, businesses and properties.

    Feng Shui is an ancient practice that approaches environments based upon practical needs of food, water, and shelter. Another aspect of Feng Shui utilizes geomancy to determine waterways and energetic grid lines on properties. It then aligns them with astrological configurations to determine the heavenly and earthly energies present or radiating from these positions. Known as the compass method, this school of Feng Shui utilizes the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching to interpret the energies present and active at particular locations. Lastly, there is an intuitive school of Feng Shui which addresses the shapes of the Earth and water sources to determine what would be the most supporting environments in which life would thrive. Feng Shui practitioners utilize one or more of these schools of thought to help chi harmoniously flow into environments. All three schools utilize minerals to support healthy chi. If you are interested in applying Feng Shui principles to your home and property it is very worthwhile to engage a Feng Shui practitioner to help you to understand, if necessary, heal, and to support your environment to reach its highest expression.

    Rose quartz

    Rose quartz is a nurturer and promotes self-loving.

    Of the minerals utilized by Feng Shui practitioners, there are certain stones that radiate love and facilitate harmony in any environment. Rose quartz is known to facilitate loving environments and is often placed in bedrooms. Black tourmaline and hematite create safe, grounded environments. Placed by the front door they offer protection to your space. Citrine supports self-esteem and business relationships and is well placed in a home office or business setting. Clear quartz provides energy and supports healthy communication and works well in family rooms and living spaces. Amethyst and smoky quartz reduce negativity and are useful in any environment that is conflict-ridden. And, green jade not only promotes wealth, it also promotes health which leads to abundance of every kind. It is excellent in the kitchen as well as the office. To determine which room which stone should be placed, Feng Shui practitioners look to the BaGua, a template used to determine the positions of specific energies in the home, aligned to the front door of the house. There are nine areas to be addressed including wealth, fame, marriage, family, health, creativity and children, knowledge, career, and helpful people and travel. Specific gemstones assist chi to flow freely in each of these areas, and to uniquely address your environment research is required.

    Lastly, Feng Shui seeks to promote the harmonious flow of elements in your environment and addresses blocks to healthy chi caused by a variety of design elements ans earth configurations which may include roadways, streams, adjacent buildings, and power lines or satellite antennas. The five elements of Feng Shui include wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. They have a productive cycle of supporting each other and a destructive cycle of inhibiting each other. Feng Shui practitioners have learned how to perceive this energy cycle on your property and in your home and know how to provide remedies if necessary. Many remedies include minerals specifically placed to harmonize or direct the flow of chi, such as faceted crystals hanging above the base of a staircase facing a front doorway. The crystal prevents energy from flowing down the steps and out of your front door.

  6. In Your Car

    Since many people spend a considerable amount of time in their vehicles, it makes sense to utilize crystalline energies to support health and wellbeing when traveling. For those who commute in heavy urban traffic, this is even more important to reduce stress, environmental toxicity, and boredom. Keeping a black tourmaline or shungite in your car will radiate protection and grounding. Placing a tumbled amethyst or angelite can be comforting when driving. They welcome the presence of angels and guides in your car. Shiny mica and lepidolite can keep the car a happy place if you are regularly transporting children with difficulties or challenges to and from school and sports events. And, smoky quartz is helpful to transmute negativity if you are traveling through dangerous places. Avoid placing clear quartz points in direct Sun. The electromagnetic energy can travel through the point and create a fire. Yet, they are helpful to build strength and support your ability to go in the right direction and reach your destination. You can place stones in side pockets, cup holders, and chair pockets. Be conscious of safety and do not place stones on the floor of the car or the dashboard from which they can fall. If you are traveling through dangerous territory regularly you will need to wash your stones often to keep them optimally functioning.

    From a Feng Shui perspective, clear your car of clutter, keep windows clean, place sea salt on the floor to clear negativity, keep a bottle of water handy, turn some music on, have a symbol of a dragon or rhino to protect you, and lastly keep a crystal to help you remain grounded on the Earth. If you happen to have an argument in the car, remember to clear the space by vacuuming up the sea salt if you used it, and wash the smoky quartz with water. You can also spray your vehicle with liquid sage or lavender to further harmony in the car.

Our Earth is a magnificent home and the little bits of it that come to us in the form of minerals and crystals can be seen as intimate gifts from a loving and generous planetary mother and father. There is power everywhere on the Earth, and as humans, our capacity to powerfully honor our planetary home has never been more important than now.