EarthOn being touched by your Soul: Touch your world with love and it will respond. Whenever your body has been touched, you noticed, even more so when least expected. The quality of the touch was as important as who it was that was reaching out to you. With love, you open and expand. In fear, you recoil and shrink. In depression and apathy, you surrender in defeat. As bearers of great energy, you are capable of creativity that is life-altering, when it is consciously directed. When wasted, dismissed, displaced, or forgotten you are the victims of your own deceit. No one can ever take your power, even if they try to take your physical life. The generator of your power is your Soul and it is not distracted by obsessive thoughts, physical distress, emotional turmoil, spiritual crises, chaotic memories, and death. Your Soul uses these distractions to bring you back into focus by creating synchronicities that encourage you to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually wake up. In every major situation, relationship, and environment in your life your Soul is “touching” you and measuring your responses or reactions to the challenges presented so that it can reach you more effectively and with greater success. Although you may feel like giving up or getting out of control, your Soul does not have that option. It unconditionally loves you and is committed to your evolutionary development in every circumstance. Especially, those moments when you are not committed to fulfilling yourself. Your Soul is charged with the task of finding a way to break through so you can break out of the suffering, restrictions, and blindness that disconnect you from the creative power of your own life-force, while respecting your free will.
In the next few weeks, your Soul will be busier than ever utilizing the electromagnetic energies of a powerful galactic wave that is riveting in its power to awaken and amaze. The intensity of the synchronicities will astound you so that you can willingly embrace the power of your soul-embodiment because there is no reason not to, and every reason to empower yourself. When you are a willing, attentive, and enthusiastic student, life’s lessons are more than windows into the Soul, they are the instructions for your soul-embodiment. It’s not about bringing heaven to Earth. It is about realizing that Heaven lives inside you and when you show up with Heaven in your body, the light shines all over the Earth.

Opening Song: Spirit Is Calling written and performed by Sandi Kimmel on her recording, Transitions: Music to Soothe the Soul.

Spirit is calling. Spirit is calling. Spirit is calling and I hear the call.

I walked a different road with a pebble in my shoe.
What it was I did was not what I was meant to do.
Now I understand I’m supposed to follow you.

And I sang a different song but the words did not ring true.
The music in my soul just wasn’t coming through.
Now I understand I’m supposed to sing with you.

I thought I was alone.
Now I feel your presence everywhere since the day that I looked up,

And also looked within in prayer.

You were there.

Now I live a different life getting guidance from above,

Letting any fear I have fly with the nearest dove.
Now I understand that my true heart-song is love.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance: Author of Soul Empowerment, Judith Kusel presents a thorough presentation about the reality of the soul, including soul groups, soul tonal chords, the galaxies of origin and soul colors. She also reveals an unrecorded history of planet earth and the names the 12 Master Galaxies involved with the first civilization on the planet. She delves further into the realms of soul groups, soul relationships and twin flames. She has been a guest on multiple radio shows and offers links to these interviews on her website. Denise Iwaniw has created beautiful apps, including The Mystic Angels, and oracle decks allowing you to easily access the guidance of the angels and the animals of the Earth. She also hosts the Star Nations Radio Network show Balancing Heaven and Earth every Wednesday night and publishes a companion Star Nations magazine. A global traveler, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, Leon Logothetis is passionate about helping you to find your inner rebel. He describes this part of you as the voice that tells you, “You are worth so much more than you think.” He believes in your possibilities and encourages you to use kindness and the power of human connections to make your dreams a reality. His Netflix show, The Kindness Diaries, follows his adventures around the world relying on the kindness of strangers for food, fuel, and lodging. The series is an inspiring, heart-warming, and uplifting experience of human goodness, including the generosity of Leon who provides life changing gifts to unsuspecting “good Samaritans.” If you’ve had a bad day and need to believe in the power of life, this is a great way to joyously end your day.

March’s Mantra: I am responding to the touch of my Soul and awakening to my fulfillment.
Listening to The Path from Breathe of the Soul will help you to feel the touch of your Soul and set you in the right direction for your fulfillment.

Planetary Activation: Breathe in a deep lavender and feel yourself flowing in the currents of a deep river. You are completely supported, yet fully on the move. Relax into the flow and merge into the current. Let it take you, surrendering into the power of the lavender energies. Beneath your body feel the presence of a brilliant white light. Become aware of this white light molding itself to the shape of your body and becoming a watercraft on which you are now traveling. This watercraft is extremely comfortable because it is customized to fit your auric field. Relax into your personal lightship. Very gently now feel your lightship lift out of the water, and start to rise into the air. As you rise, your lightship completely encases your physical presence and you are safe and supported in a functional vehicle. The top half of the ship is clear so your field of vision is expansive. Your lightship is now taking you to an important destination in your life’s journey.

This lightship is not only a physical craft but also a multi-dimensional vehicle. It is scanning your past or your future for a pivotal moment in which your decision making was not the most enlightened or productive. It will take you into the environment in which the relationship, situation, or resource was presented. Allow yourself to fully participate in this moment so that you can be a soul-empowered agent of change in your own life-path. Your lightship is now depositing you in this life-altering experience. Allow yourself to witness and as you do, become aware of the physical presence of your Soul revealing itself to you in the ship. You are not alone. Your Soul is consciously present and effectively communicating to and with you. After getting reacquainted with this memory or opportunity, your Soul will begin to discuss coherent and empowering options for you. What are your ideas or insight, now that you see the experience through the support of your Soul? Together, create an alternative choice with life-affirming consequences and devise a strategy for delivery. Your Soul will now deposit you into the experience so that you are multi-dimensionally present in the chosen lifetime, and can implement the new choices in the timeline in which the poor choices were made. Stay in the experience until you complete the transformation of the experience. When the reconfiguration and healing is completed, your Soul will draw you back into the lightship, allowing the part of you living the incarnation being addressed, to move on enlightened and empowered. As you return to the ship, settle into the power of your collaboration with your Soul.

Your lightship lifts off from this experience and now navigates you to a moment in the past or the future in which you are abundantly successful and creatively empowered. As your Soul steers the lightship into position, become aware of the vibration of the ship growing more brilliant, vibrant, and peaceful. As it approaches this profound life-altering moment, it almost glistens with life-force. With your Soul at your side, witness the power of your Soul in action through your physical life-force at work in the world. Pay attention not only to your choices, but to the quality of your auric field as you are making them. Note the immediate consequences of the choice in the environment in which you are residing. Become aware of the life-affirming energies expanding through your enlightened interactions. How are they affecting others in the vicinity? Witness the presence of your Soul merged with your humanity and working through you in this moment. How is your life-force radiating into your environment? Become aware of the joy and appreciation that your Soul is radiating as it witnesses your soul-embodiment. Your Soul is grateful for the opportunity to merge into you and become one. It seeks this unity not in mere moments, but for your entire lifetime. There is so much more that you can accomplish together. Your lightship is on the move once again and bringing you back to this moment.

Your lightship now morphs into an experience of your Soul that is most suited to your acceptance right now. Relax into your Soul’s revelation and welcome its presence. Very gently now your Soul begins to propose to you. Not offering a physical ring, instead, your Soul is inviting you into the oneness of life that spirals multi-dimensionally into every experience that you ever had or will have. Your Soul is offering you continuous and unconditionally loving support, protection, encouragement, wonder, and joy in an ever-changing, harmonizing environment. Respecting your free will, your Soul is waiting for your response…….

Blue kyanite removes blocks in the auric field, promoting electromagnetic flow.

March’s Stone Grid: Inviting you to enjoy the touch of your Soul and follow through on the insights and guidance provided, the stones of March are insightful and awakening and offer a range of intensities to support the best approaches possible for your success. They assist you in opening your eyes and your heart to what is real and true, so that you can release the illusions and perceptions that pain has created over time. They are also joy factories and invite you to experience the freedom that happiness brings in every subtle body. Most importantly they create a crystalline bridge through which you can consciously experience the merging of your Soul into your auric field. These stones radiate safety into your auric experience so that you can relax into the transformation of your hopes and dreams, thoughts, feelings, memories, and your physical presence. These stones support your intimate union with your Soul with honor and respect for your soul-embodiment.

Quartz crystal with rutile crystals

Rutilated quatz promotes personal redemption by helping you to understand what is required to heal your relationships.

Because you are engaging in a serious and life-changing relationship with your Soul, these stones need to be an active presence in your daily life. You can choose to wear them in pockets or in jewelry to remind you of your connection to your Soul. They can be in grids on your desk at work, or near the kitchen or bathroom sinks at home. Touch them like you would soap to wash away the old and uplift into the new. Roll them around in your hands while making decisions and place them over important papers, or even bills that need to be paid. They are the crystalline bridge to collaboration with your Soul so let them be where you cannot. You can put a stone in your car to remind you to move in the right direction. You can put a stone in your wallet to remind you to make enlightened purchases. I think you’ve got the point that making these stones effective and powerful reminders that your Soul is on the same journey you are, will help you to determine the best the routes to take to reach your goals.
Have fun with these soulful stones and make them a happy part of your everyday routines.

Here are the minerals for March:

Gold calcite awakens spiritual insight.

To promote graceful and easy change: blue kyanite with mica, blue lace agate, rutilated quartz, elestial smoky quartz, phantom quartz, lepidolite with mica, chaorite, blue fluorite, sugilite.
To facilitate joyous transformation: mica, prasiolite, silver topaz, yellow calcite, zebra jasper, hyalite opal with topaz.
To establish conscious connection with the Soul: phenacite, datolite, petalite, celestite, danburite, selenite.

Questions for Reflection:

1. If you were to measure the power of your auric field would you consider yourself to function like a Duracell battery, a solar panel, a nuclear reactor, an electronic transformer, a hydroelectric dam, a wind turbine, or a coal plant? How is the form of energy you chose best maintained for optimal performance?
2. Are you worthy of your Soul’s intervention in your life? How do you know that it’s your Soul at work?
3. How easy is it for you to surrender into what is good, best, right, hopeful, and empowering for you? Are you committed to resisting or embracing your fulfillment?
4. How comfortable are you with being touched? How comfortable are you with being affectionate? What makes it safe either way?

In the Spotlight from Living Enlightened Relationships

Crystal Personalities

Crystal lattices of minerals.

Crystal lattices of minerals.

In the same way that crystals experience life uniquely through seven geometrical systems, so do people. Many of us struggle with similar issues, share talents and abilities, see from the same perspective, and exhibit specific communication patterns. Michael Geinger in his book, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, categorized the personality styles expressing themselves through the crystalline systems. By observing how people chose the stones they used in their lives, he was able to intuit how minerals could strengthen aspects of character and reduce the impact of character flaws. In multi-dimensional healing, the elemental energies of the Platonic Solids are utilized to influence, heal, and celebrate an individual’s personality structure. They move into and through the crystalline matrix in stones to provide guidance, support, and encouragement on the journey to soul-embodiment.

Personality structure is a gift from your Soul that descends into your body when you are born. It is the primary filter through which you experience and contribute to life. It is through the structure of your personality that your Soul is teaching you the lessons required to reach soul-embodiment. For some that is overcoming arrogance, for others it is learning to be assertive, for many it is learning how to be of service. Every parent can tell you that they met the personalities of their children when they were infants. Smart parents learn early on how to guide, support, and work with their children’s personality structure to promote success and happiness in life. Working against your personality structure generally ends in disaster. Designed uniquely for each incarnation, your personality is the perfect vehicle for your long term evolutionary development while on Earth. In each incarnation, your personality structure gets tweaked to promote your soul-embodiment and evolutionary fulfillment based on how well you lived your previous incarnation. When you allow the stones of the mineral systems to support the personality structure with which you were born, they will help you to maximize the gifts of your personality, and assist you in transcending weaknesses. On this section of the website you can study which crystal personality suits you and which are the matrix for those you love. You can discover which minerals will support you and your family, and learn how to use them to bring harmony, healing, success, and abundance into your lives.

In the Spotlight from

Thank you for your support during the year, donating books and stones, and purchasing them to send on to new homes. Because of your generosity, we are looking forward to supporting beautiful fifth dimensional pioneers in 2017!

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations

Lisa Nixon: Visionary art,, 973-786-0226
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Upcoming Events:

5D Stone Awakening Grid

A Practitioner’s Class in Building Stone Grids for Clients
Crystal grids are 24/7 tools for healing, transformation, and fulfillment. When designed to break through the limitations of personality structures, environments, and history, stone grids can facilitate effective and long-term results by providing the energetic support necessary to achieve and sustain fulfillment. Join Ilona as she presents a comprehensive system in which to address the needs of clients with the crystalline support of a stone grid.
Date: Friday, March 31st, 7pm to 10pm
Location: Portal of Healing, 50 Main St., Chester, NJ 07930
Fee: $60.00. Minerals sold separately.
To register call Debbie at 201-841-0358

New Moon Planetary Activations for 2017

Join Ilona as she introduces the evolutionary energies supporting our soul-embodiment at the New Moon. Experience 5D community and activate your relationships with the kingdoms of nature in supporting the ascension of our planet. Listen to heavenly frequencies that support the upgrading of your auric field and that of our beautiful planet. Welcome to living in the unconditional loving of the fifth dimension right here and right now.
Dates for 2017: April 28th, May 19th, June 23rd, July 21st, Aug. 18th, Sept. 22nd, Oct. 20th, Nov., 17th, Dec. 15th.
Location: Madison Masonic Lodge, 170 Main St., Madison, NJ 07940. Parking in rear.
Fee: $15.00
Live web streaming available online at

May you radiate the power of the resurrection into the world at this holy time. You are a vehicle of the transformative power of the Christ Consciousness throughout the world!