On Being On The Move: This is not a time to sit still.  It is a time to stand tall and rise to the greatness living within you.  It is a time to reach into your potential and pull out your talents, gifts, abilities, and strengths, so that you can figure out how to incorporate them into an expansive and adventurous life.  Even if you are shy, your potential can find a way to shine.  Everyone needs to be recognized as the gift that each embodies.  We need each other to change our world because the world is made up of “us”, not “me.”

In the days and weeks ahead, how you experience your relationships will be in a state of flux.  The judgments of the past are giving way to the recognition of the present, and in so doing, changing the context in which loving occurs.  You can’t hate someone you appreciate.  And, you can appreciate the important effect that someone has in your life, without having to genuinely like him or her.  Every lesson is necessary whether pleasant or not.  Appreciating how the lesson is being delivered and by whom, makes it much easier to pass the test and expand the energy field in which you are experiencing life.  Through the power and insight of your Soul you are emerging from the restrictive and limiting third dimensional realities that bound your hopes and dreams, and often crushed your self-esteem.  Your Soul cannot be crushed and therefore self-defeat is a serious lie and a dangerous illusion.  Resurrection is the power to rise beyond the lie, see through the illusion and live the reality of soul-embodiment as a lifestyle, not a dream.  Our Souls are on the move and they will accept nothing less than our individual and collective fulfillment.

Opening Song:  Rise written and performed by Ilona Anne Hress and Clive Smith, on her recording, RISE.

Rise up.  Rise.  Rise up.
Feel the power of your own Soul.

Rise, rise to the light dawning within you.
Rise to the treasure of your Soul,

Here in your body, in your mind, in your heart,
in your memories, in your hopes and dreams.
Rise.  Rise.
This is your time.
This is your day.
This is your life.

Ah. Rise with me.
Ah. Rise, rise with me.
Ah. Rise, rise with me.
Ah. Rise, rise with me.
Aye.  Rise with me.
Rise with me.
Rise.  Rise.  Rise.  Rise.
Rise with me.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance:
www.untetheredsoul.com Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, offers practical ways to connect with your Soul and reduce the power of your ego in your life.   In The Untethered Soul Michael helps you uncover the source and fluctuations of your inner energy and then teaches you how to free yourself from these emotional and mental limitations.  In his autobiographical The Surrender Experiment, Singer presents his life as a spiritual seeker living alone in the woods, to his amazing success as a self‐taught computer programmer and corporate CEO, to a massive raid by the FBI that led to unfounded accusations by the U.S. government.  As noted on his website, “throughout, he demonstrates how a very successful external life is perfectly consistent with achieving profoundly deep states of inner peace and freedom—if one is willing to remain in the seat of witness consciousness and let go of their personal preferences.”

www.perelandra-ltd.com  Machelle Small Wright is the founder of the Center for Nature Research in Jeffersonton, Virginia.  Author of multiple books including

Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered, MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program, and the Perelandra Garden Workbook: A Complete Guide to Gardening with Nature Intelligences, she offers multiple tools for health and wellbeing, especially for the human and plant kingdoms.  Her line of essences and health solutions are powerful tools for healing and physical wellbeing.  She has an essence kit especially for successfully managing stress. Additionally, her expertise in gardening and the tools she provides supports you to respectfully connect to the planet and co-create in joy.   As we are in the midst of spring, it is a good time to visit her site and prepare for a great summer garden.

April’s Mantra: I am recognizing and completing the lessons my Soul is placing before me.  I am appreciative, grateful, and choose to be triumphant.
Listening to and doing the exercise and meditation to BE The Truth from RISE will help you to break free of the ego judgments and third dimensional illusions that have kept your fulfillment in bondage.

Golden Cosmic Flower of Life

Flower of Life

Planetary Activation:  Imagine yourself floating on a sea of golden light.  Become aware of the current propelling you forward and relax into the direction in which you are now travelling.  The current is steady and strong and the golden light is growing brighter around you.  Gently now, become aware of multiple currents, with many others travelling on this golden light sea.  Become aware of the life travelling underneath the sea, and the life travelling above the sea.  There is life everywhere in the brilliant golden light and you are all travelling together.  Feel all the currents merge into one massive flow.  See all the life forms becoming aware of each other, not as threats or enemies, but rather, as family.  Infused with golden light, an energetic grid of connection, support, and attention, is establishing itself, and the feeling of tender appreciation is emerging.  All life is being recognized as valuable, important, and worthy.  The golden light is so brilliant now.  Instead of having to hide your eyes from such intense light, they are safely wide open and your vision is sharper than ever.   So too has the vision grown sharper for all the forms of life surrounding you.  What is there now to see?

Gently close your eyes and imagine travelling through the golden current back into your body and into your life.  Becoming aware of the golden light living within you, open your eyes and see your body and your life through this golden filter.  Grow sensitive to every aspect of your surroundings in this moment.  What is radiating energy and to what destination?  Can you see the emotional energy streams traveling between the persons in the room?  Can you feel the mood of your pets, or the animals outside your window?  Is the room expressing itself to you?  Is it sharing what it has witnessed and for what purpose?  Imagine taking a drink of water.  How does it feel?  What is pouring into you other than hydrogen and oxygen?  Visualize standing next to a houseplant and feeling it.  Visualize holding a carrot in your hand and feeling its life-force.  Imagine the golden energy filling up your car and fueling the engine.  Where will the golden energy take you, and your loved ones?  Visualize the golden current flowing in your bed.  How is the golden light shining in the darkness of unconsciousness?  Imagine waking up with the golden light pouring out of your heart and touching every atom of your world………

When you open your eyes, you are in the company of all life living in the golden energetic grid.  In spherical form, feel the golden light grid descending around and into the Earth’s atmosphere and planetary body.  Become aware of all the life forms infused with the golden light, including you, anchoring these powerful energies of recognition, worthiness, appreciation, connection, support, and respect into the planetary experience.  Embrace your participation in the golden currents that are traveling the planet, shining light in the darkness, and sharpening the vision of all who love in the light of day.

Citrine supports collaboration in business.

April’s Stone Grid:  The minerals for April promote connection by supporting your ability to recognize the worthiness of life wherever it is found and however it is experienced.  They build respect, encourage communication, and support the development of unconditional loving through compassionate awareness.  Strong, yet tender, insightful and kind, they promote honesty, commitment, and integrity in thought, word, and deed.  April’s minerals are spiritual workhorses constantly infusing you with the ability to perceive the hand of the Creator in everyone and everything, so that you can collaborate in the fulfillment of life on Earth.

Place these minerals where you can see them to remind you of to whom, and what, you are connected.  You can create grids to support respect and consideration both in families, and with business associates.  Larger specimens can be placed outside on lawns or in gardens to further productive associations between the kingdoms of nature.  On an altar, these stones will honor the creativity from which all life was born and encourage your own creativity to flow into the world.  And wearing these stones in pendants over the heart or simply in your pockets will help you to soulfully connect to all with whom you come into contact.

Here are the minerals for April:

Topaz supports soulful manifestation.

Gold Topaz, Golden Danburite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Star Mica, Citrine, Golden Healer Arkansas Quartz, Scheelite, Golden Beryl, Anatase, Yellow Jasper, Gold Sheen Obsidian

Questions for Reflection:
1.  How do you prove to yourself that you respect life?  That you respect your own life?
2.  How equipped are you to learn your soul lessons?   Do you welcome or dread the tests your Soul brings you?
3.  What is your favorite image that promotes a feeling of appreciation?  How often do you use it?
4.  What is the biggest illusion affecting your self-esteem that you are willing to dissolve today?

In the Spotlight from www.livingenlightenedrelationships.com

Physical Subtle Body

The 5D Auric Field
The circuitry of the fifth dimensional auric field is necessarily different from what we have known in our third dimensional experience.  Outlined below are the key differences between the way we processed energy in the past and the way that we are currently learning how to now.  Although the process is at times confusing and does cause fatigue, the increasing moments of deep joy, pure clarity, and peace are well worth it.  Besides, there is no going back.  Our Earth has ascended and is taking us with her.  Please visit this page to learn about the six key qualities of 5D living and how to experience them.

In the Spotlight from ExploreLifein5D.com
Thank you for your support during the year, donating books and stones, and purchasing them to send on to new homes.  Because of your generosity, we are looking forward to supporting beautiful fifth dimensional pioneers in 2017!

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations
Deborah Allderdice:
Pleiadian and Sirian Light Language Channeling
John Logan:
American Eagle Crystals, 973-449-9839
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370.  We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

Upcoming Events:
Partnering with the Angelic Kingdom
Join Ilona to develop your multi-dimensional relationship with the angelic kingdom.  As a soul-embodied human being capable of interacting with the angels you are now needed as part of the ascension team of the planet.  In this class meet your own inner angel and discover your angelic purpose on the Earth.  This is your opportunity to consciously collaborate with the angelic kingdom to create peace on Earth for all of the kingdoms of nature.  The angels have waited for you to become their multi-dimensional colleagues and invite you to experience the wonders that can be accomplished together.

This is a very intimate experience with the angelic kingdom.  Classes are limited to 8 attendees.  Please bring a recorder to capture your angelic frequency in music.  You are also welcome to take videos of your personal readings.

Date: Friday, night, May 5th, from 7pm-10pm
Location:  Portal of Healing, 50 Main St., Chester, NJ
Fee:  $55.00
Please call Debbie at 201-841-0358 to register.

The Love, Respect, and Appreciation Retreat
An Experience of Enlightened Relationships

5D Gender Unity

Do you long for the freedom to express yourself in complete support?
Is it your dream to fulfill yourself in the presence of unconditional loving?
Are you aching to experience the immense power of your loving?
Isn’t it time to feel safe, supported, encouraged, and celebrated?

Enlightened relationships are the expression of fifth dimensional unconditional loving in action on the Earth.  They transcend the drama and struggle of human relations through the power of the Soul by awakening your capacity to unconditionally love, and forgive.  No longer fighting, the joyous collaboration of your internal masculine and feminine energies give birth to self-confidence, faith, and great hope for the future.  Whether your most challenging relationship is with yourself, your spouse, your business partner, or your neighbors, enlightened relationship has the power to heal wounds, generate harmony, and invite respectful creative collaboration into your life.  Join Ilona for an adventure into loving that will transform the way your heart, mind, and body live in the world.

Held on the sacred grounds of The Blue Deer in Margaretville, NY, this two-and-a-half day retreat will support the unfolding of your intimacy with your own Soul.  This sacred land offers you an intimate experience of Mother/Father Earth that will facilitate a deeper connection to the masculine and feminine energies already living within you.  The weekend unfolds in presentations, meditations, activities, and exercises that provide an experience of fifth dimensional living.  Wonderful for individuals, this retreat is especially helpful to couples and business partners.  Ilona invites you to experience the joy and peace of enlightened relationships!

Date:  Thursday evening Sept. 28th to Saturday, evening Sept. 30th
Location:  The Blue Deer, Margaretville, NY
Fee:  $625.00, meals and lodging included.  A $350.00 deposit is due my May 30
th to reserve your space.
Please call Julie at 845-222-6923 to register for this loving experience of 5D living.


Thanks to the Divine Feminine for all the creative loving and beautiful support you provide for us every day.  Please bless all the mothers in this world from every kingdom of nature with all the resources and support they need to happily raise their babies.  And to every woman around the world, bless you for the love you bring and the love you are.  Happy Mother’s Day!