We are in a time of great awakening when many are called to serve an emerging humanity with new skills and abilities. New techniques are required to navigate new evolutionary landscapes. The practitioners below combine many healing modalities, some ancient and some modern, to provide the most expansive services to those growing through our collective evolutionary journey. Because of the planet’s transformation, everything including our healing modalities are being transformed to access multi-dimensional energies, assistance, enlightenment and empowerment. We offer this Directory to support your journey, allowing you to link to the most benevolent practitioner at the most benevolent time as you continue to fulfill yourself.

Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy

authors of Live and Let Live, Cooperative BioBalance


Dr. Jim Conroy offers expert consulting and speaks to groups. With his proprietary system, he leads research projects, does masterful bio-energy-based ecosystem rejuvenation, and offers tree healing services. He and Ms. Basia Alexander are co-founders of The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance®. Their Tree Whispering® workshops invite people into deeper connection with the living Beings of Nature and advance wise, collaborative stewardship of Earth through enlightened practical processes.

They are authors of 7 books so far. Please go to http://plantkingdomcommunications.com/storeandmore/

They teach Tree Whispering® and Cooperative BioBalance® workshops regularly. Please go to http://plantkingdomcommunications.com/events/list/ or call Basia at 201-745-5494.

Dr. Conroy is available for tree healing and ecosystem rejuvenation at your property. 201-650-1231.
Please find out more at CooperativeBioBalance.org, PlantKingdomCommunications.com, TreeWhiserping.com, TheTreeWhisperer.com, EcoPeaceTreaties.org.

Natalya Barth

Feng Shui and Interior Design

Natalya Barth is an Interior Designer and a Feng Shui Practitioner. Through her company, Natalya’s Interiors, LLC, Natalya provides on-site consultations for homes and businesses; consultations for buying, selling and staging homes and businesses; on site consultations for landscapes; Feng Shui workshops, lectures and special events.

Natalya is trained in residential, business and landscape consultations. She works with clients both on-site in New Jersey or remotely, in locations worldwide, to create inspiring, uplifting and harmonious living and work spaces. Experiencing firsthand the positive difference Feng Shui made in her own life, she developed a true passion for sharing this knowledge. She combines the beauty of Interior Design with the wisdom of Feng Shui to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones by bringing harmony, balance and beauty into her client’s homes and businesses.

973-714-1407; www.natalyasinteriors.com

Linda Skerrit Beg

Starseed Bakery

Linda makes delicious gluten, dairy and soy free baked goods that are made with organic, local and non-gmo ingredients, and much love.

In recent years, many of her friends and family members began experiencing intolerances to foods with gluten, dairy, and soy. So began a quest to make great tasting breads, muffins and desserts that they could enjoy without worrying about every ingredient. The the word soon spread, and she became overwhelmed with requests. Whether you have a medical diagnosis or voluntarily choose to eliminate many of the common food allergens from your diet, there are many wonderful Starseed Products that you can enjoy. Stop by the stores listed on her Markets Page to enjoy our many fresh baked breads and treats or visit her own outlet shop in Rockaway, NJ at 100 Hibernia Avenue. Check out her Products Page for current offerings and seasonal specialties.

www.starseedbakery.com, 973-957-0500

Stacey Boyer

is the founder of Indigo Owl Eyes. She is also a Reiki Master, an Ordained Minister, an IET practitioner, a Certified Oneness Blessing Giver, and a Solfeggio Tuning Fork Therapist.

Having been in the medical field for over 17 years, she became interested in a variety of healing modalities as a way to balance her own mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, she found a sense of balance, strength, and tranquility, and had found her true life’s passion for healing by helping family, friends, and her medical patients. She then branched out to create a relaxing oasis for her clients, offering healing sessions in a warm, safe, compassionate, unconditional loving, nurturing, non-judgmental environment. Stacey is truly committed to raising the consciousness of individuals by healing and assisting them in restoring their mind, body, and spirit and awakening the power within their own soul.

www.indigowleyes.com, 973-294-0952

Debbie Carcuffe

began her spiritual journey in 1997 with her first Reiki designation. She has studied with Spiritual Visionaries such as Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss. In 2009 she earned a BA in Psychology with emphasis in Jungian Archetypal studies. She has since added Reiki II, Integrative Energy Therapy, and Solfeggio Sound Therapy to her energy healing modalities. Her deep connection to Transpersonal Psychology inspired her to develop Angelically Guided Shadow Exploration which is a technique integrating energy balancing utilizing Metatronic Frequencies along with shadow exploration to reveal unconscious memories and blocks that keep many people stuck and prevent them from connecting with higher aspects of themselves. Debbie is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, and Oneness Deeksha Giver. She is deeply committed to raising the consciousness of humanity by serving others and assisting them in reconnecting with their authentic nature as they align their consciousness with the power of their Soul.

www.portalofhealing.com, 201-841-0358, 50 Main Street (top floor), Chester, NJ

Helen Clear

is a Healer, Reiki Master and a Multidimensional Transformational Coach.

For many years she has provided Reiki in hospitals for cancer patients, in nursing homes for hospice patients, and in corporate settings for their employees. Helen is now focusing on assisting people in their transition from 3D to 5D and accessing their multidimensional potential. She teaches Multidimensional Reiki at all levels: Reiki I, Reiki II, ART and Reiki Master classes. She provides weekly group transformational meditation sessions. Color, sound, toning, sacred geometry, crystals, symbols and imagery are used to facilitate the process. Schedule a Reiki session.

Private collaborative healing/coaching sessions are also available.
www.Healingin5D.com, 973-543-9048.

Julie Connor

Reiki, The Light Within Us

In each healing session Julie uniquely blends a variety of powerful healing modalities – Reiki, Synergy, Sound, Crystals, Singing Bowls, Ascended Masters frequencies along with her intuitive gifts and guidance. Her clients experience relief from pain, trauma, tension and limiting beliefs. Their emotional well-being is supported and restored. They receive relief, clarity, and guidance as they come into the alignment and strength of the Soul. By offering a space of unconditional love and acceptance, each client finds their way to embodying the divine truth of their being, freeing them of limitation, pain and suffering.

Julie is committed to helping her clients find and expand the light and wisdom of their soul. She honors each clients unique journey, life experiences and individual expressions. She understands the value and great teachings that come when we acknowledge, transform and accept our struggles, pains, and discomforts as opportunities to grow and evolve.

Lori Chrepta

is the founder at Soul Springs Holistic. She is a lifelong intuitive and empath with interests in spirituality, metaphysics, human development, psychology and the arts.Her passion and life’s purpose is to help others know themselves at the soul level — the core of who we really are — and to help them transform and heal wounds – physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally so that they may live a fulfilling, soul-led life. She was guided into this area all of her life, but the final push came during her mother’s last year as she battled cancer. She had a wonderful hospice worker who used hypnosis and energy healing to ease her pain and bring her to a place of peace and relaxation. The transformation was remarkable, and she wanted to bring the same level of healing and comfort to others. Since this time, she has discovered many other modalities and continues to be amazed at the wisdom of the body, mind and soul and the power that we each have to transform and heal ourselves. She loves this work, and feels blessed to do it. Seeing the beauty in others when they can’t quite see it themselves and being a witness to their transformation is a joy.

Lori’s healing modalities include: being an Ordained Minister, a Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Consultant, Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified Advanced Past Life Regressionist, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, a Reiki Master, Level 3 Healing Touch Practitioner, an Angel Card Practitioner, Somatic Healing, and IET.


Valerie D’Oyen and Joan Wilkinson

The soaps produced by Under Angels’ Wings are organic or all natural, free of preservatives and chemicals that are hard to pronounce. They are infused with positive Life Force energy (Reiki, Qi, Chi).


Irene Fanane

Angel Therapy Practitioner and Mystic Channel

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Christian Mystic and Author, my soul purpose is to use my “gift” to help you connect with the Angelic Realm. I love to share my knowledge to awaken your intuitive power within and transcend the illusion of limitation and separation. Ultimately my work is to help you consciously participate in your own spiritual evolution and find your purpose in life.


Lisa Nixon, Rev.

Founder of The Awakened Rose Holistic Wellness Center is an accomplished Sacred/Visionary Artist as well as an intuitive and certified holistic facilitator. She is dedicated to helping others discover their own innate healing power. Using various holistic modalities, and with her gentle loving guidance, she helps you regain clarity bringing peace and wholeness for a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Theresa Pettersen-Chu

Soul Embodiment Sessions

Theresa is wholeheartedly committed to awakening others to the wisdom of their bodies, so they can remember the beauty and brilliance of their beings, and live passionate and purposeful lives. Her personal foundation is built upon a deep belief in the goodness of humanity and in the power of love and compassion to heal the body,mind and spirit.

Theresa is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist®, Certified Rubenfeld Synergy® Mentor and faculty member of the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute. She has been a board member of the International Association of Rubenfeld Synergists for much of the last fourteen years. Most recently she served as the president and initiated the “Befriend Your Body” campaign; an endeavor to educate the public about the wisdom of their bodies. To view a video about Befriending Your Body


Lynn Pridmore

Lynn is the founder and owner of Spirit Healing and Wellness.  She is an Empowerment and Holistic Health Coach, as well as a Master and Instructor of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).  Lynn incorporates a comprehensive physical, emotional and spiritual approach to all of her practices.

201- 572-7771

Donna Reynolds, AHG, RM&T, Rev.

cultivates a spiritual holistic herbal practice as a Clinical and Community herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition offering personal herbal consultations, classes, workshops and herbal forums.

As a devoted herbal educator, she joyfully shares traditional herbal wisdom, ethno-botanical knowledge, and speaks about her medicinal botanicals and trees often, frequenting parks, arboretums and local backyards for impromptu ‘herb’ walks. She is also co-founder at the holistic center, Grace of Angels.


Tracey Revak

Vibration and Sound Therapist;

Light of the Heart was founded by Tracey Leigh, a natural intuitive. From a very young age she has communicated with the Angelic Realm and enlightened beings of the higher realms. The message she received is that all life is inter-connected, and we are all One. Since receiving the first Oneness message, Tracey has been guided to write, heal, and above all, to teach what she learns from the Divine Ones. This knowledge is meant to be shared with all who choose to benefit from it.

Tracey has completed training through the advanced level of Vibration and Sound Therapy including RNA/DNA, acquired her Reiki Master Level status, and is an Ordained Minister. She is also a co-founder at the holistic center, Grace of Angels.


Alex Shipman

Yuen Method energy work. The Yuen Method is a blending of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong training. It uses intuition to observe where a person’s energy becomes weak and pinpoint the root cause of that weakness. By bringing awareness to the root cause, it is eliminated.

Alex has relocated to Florida, to reach him please call: 908-219-7100;

Christina Whited

Circle of Intention, School of Intuitive Sciences: Christina is the founder of the Circle of Intention: School of Intuitive Sciences. She affirms gentle healing for the planet and peace and harmony for all.

As a channel for Mother Mary, Christina shares herself as an instrument for peace. She provides the Spiritual Detox process to help clear the Akashic Records of those seeking profound healing. She also specializes in inter-dimensional photography, including the fairy kingdom and inter-galactic visitors. She plans to utilize the grant to develop YouTube videos to share these inter-dimensional experiences with the world.

She can be reached at www.CircleofIntention.com.