5D Auric Field Webinar — Nov/Dec. 2014

with Ilona Anne Hress

Join us for these 6 amazing Sessions!

6 Tuesdays from November 4th through December 9th, 2014, from 7:30-9pm.


5D Auric Field Diagram. Artwork Credit: Joseph Teliha

Your fifth dimensional auric circuitry is an upgrade to the energetic physiology that supports your physical existence and the radiation of your personality into the world. In the third dimension, your energetic physiology supported lives of fear, struggle, loss, and separation. Your primary seven chakras processed the dense vibrations of jealousy, greed, power, and lust to enable the third dimensional experience to provide you with the lessons for soul mastery that the Earth experience offered. As of Dec. 21st 2012, the causes of suffering can now be successfully overcome through the power of soul-embodied beings collaboratively creating space.


Today our Earth is settling into the fifth dimensional energies she now embodies. Unconditional loving, peace, gender unity, a greater capacity for joy, graceful abundance, creative collaboration, and a consistent commitment to service are the qualities we are now capable of embodying because our planet already has. Changes to your chakra column, your subtle bodies, your capacity for higher sense perception and your ability to engage in multi-dimensional communication are all in the process of being established in those choosing to become the soul-embodied human beings of a new civilization of peace.



5D Chakra Column. Artwork Credit: Joseph Teliha

This webinar is an opportunity for you to consciously engage in an experience of fifth dimensional living through the transformation of your auric field. With the establishment of your fifth dimensional auric circuitry you will be supported to make the life-affirming choices that can erase drama and trauma from your life. Graceful abundance and harmonious relationships naturally flow in the emerging fifth dimensional lifestyle we invite you to experience.




Course Outline:

Session One:  The Crystallization of the 5D Auric Field

  1. Crystallize the field
  2. Pole Shift of the Soul Star
  3. Aqua Spiral and Lavender Fountain

Session Two: The 5D Subtle Body Activation

  1. Sacred Geometry of each subtle body.
  2. Subtle Body Commitment Process
  3. Subtle Body cohesion

Session Three:  Upgrading into the 5D Chakra Column

  1. Activating new chakras with colors and frequencies
  2. Activating horizontal infinity channels.  Introducing masculine and feminine energy balancing.
  3. Activation of the Golden Orange Gender Unity Chakra and the Golden Orange Beam

Session Four: Your Personal Ascension Chamber

  1. Activation of the Aqua Light Channel
  2. Awakening of the Monadic Star
  3. Access to the Celestial Awakening Platform

Session Five: 5D Manifestation

  1. Activation of the Grid Grounding Chakra
  2. Activation of the 5D Earth Star
  3. Grid Patterns around and on the Earth.
  4. Communication with the 5 kingdoms of nature

Session Six: Gender Unity in 5D

  1. Gender flow patterns
  2. Characteristics of 5D relationships
  3. Unification of masculine and feminine energies

Cost for Webinar:

$35 per class / $210 for all 6 classes

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