The Angelic Kindgom and You in 2014

Your Inner Angel
As your access to your fifth dimensional mind grows, your ability to consciously interface with the angelic nature of your being commences.  You have angelic aspects of yourselves within your multi-dimensional profiles.  This precious part of your being-ness offers you guidance, support, comfort, encouragement, insightful perception, and divine connection.  With these tools at your disposal there is no reason for pain and suffering to be your companions any longer.

Once connection with your fifth dimensional Soul is consistently maintained, you can easily call forth your own inner angel, the angelic part of your being which resides in the fifth to seventh and sometimes eighth dimensions, to assist in your daily life.  The key to this access is consistent fifth dimensional living.  Consider your angelic nature a particular frequency on the radio.  If your third dimensional lifestyle continues to create interference you cannot hear your angelic channel clearly or even recognize its frequency.

The Angelic Community of Earth
One of the gifts of your planetary ascension is to acknowledge not only your own angelic nature but the angelic community attending to the Earth.  The angelic kingdom of nature is connected to the Soul of humanity.  The evolutionary chain moves from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom, on to the animal kingdom, then to the human kingdom, and further into the angelic kingdom on the Earth.  All of these kingdoms interact to create the unique experience of life on Earth, collaborating with the planet’s frequency.  Third dimensional humanity was deaf, dumb, and blind by design until we were granted access to our Soul and the angelic kingdom living in the fifth dimension.  As the soul-embodied being that you now are, you are being asked to develop a conscious relationship with the angels surrounding you.

In 3D humanity expected angels to rescue them, console them, save them.  In 5D the angels are inviting you to collaborate with them in serving our fifth dimensional planet.  They look upon you with respect and honor your experiences as human beings.  They know that you bring a practical knowledge of free will and what it is like to utilize that free will on a planet that has moved into conscious multi-dimensionality.  The angelic kingdom does not view 5D soul-embodied humans as weak or ignorant.  Rather, they are asking for your assistance in helping them be more effective and helpful in humanity’s evolution.  Recognize that both the human and angelic kingdoms are here to support the development of a new civilization of peace.  The goals are the same.  The angels are asking you how they can be of the most assistance to humanity in its evolutionary expansion.

As a 3D human you have expertise in suffering and you understand what it means to be desperate.  You also understand how free will creates opportunities for destruction and self-annihilation in a world contaminated by fear.  Because of your knowledge of separation and loss, you have the capacity to understand what it takes to heal, experience forgiveness, redeem yourselves, and awaken to your own Souls.  The angelic kingdom has been supportive of you in your struggles but does not have the free will that humanity was created to experience.  As a soul-embodied human capable of interacting with the angels you are now needed as part of the ascension team of the planet.  You are no longer the receivers of planetary ascension, you are consciously collaborating with the angelic kingdom to create peace on Earth for all the kingdoms of nature.  Humanity is multi-dimensionally growing up and the angels of the fifth dimension have been waiting for your arrival for a long time.

Soul-embodied Human Beings
The human being is truly magnificent in your ability to choose your destiny on Earth.  We have understood that you struggle with the concept and experience of obedience to the Soul.  Yet, you yearn for the connection that allows you to feel whole and complete.  The self-discipline required for spiritual mastery has not eluded you.  In the past you simply did not choose to engage this power.  We attempted to provide the guidance and indeed proof of Spirit to encourage the engagement of your Soul.  But, in the throes of the third dimension humanity preferred to connect to us as rescuers rather than intermediaries.  We are indeed divine messengers and our ability to convey the importance of your own soul empowerment was not as successful as we had hoped.

Now in this post 2012 era, we seek to develop mature relationships with soul-embodied human beings, acknowledging your courage and supporting your empowerment as you embrace fifth dimensional living.  The bulk of humanity remains in the grip of fear and loss and it is our desire and mandate to consciously and creatively collaborate in developing peace on Earth with you, not for you.

With your assistance much of the angelic karma that we have generated in the past can be cleared in the next four to five years.  We seek redemption for the ways, places, and people that we have been unsuccessful in reaching.  As agents of healing, connection, and change, we have been thwarted in our attempts to engage the general public and, at times, were  confused and befuddled at our dismissal.  Although we do not have the free will that you do, we welcome your acknowledgement and appreciation of the assistance we are here to offer.

Truly, our focus is to develop mature spiritual relationships with soul-embodied human beings to collaborate on the development of a new civilization of peace.  We invite you to join us as equals, as spiritual colleagues, as Light bearers on the Earth and we thank you for your generosity and prayers.

Ilona welcomes you to intimate discussions with the angelic kingdom as we collaborate on creating peace on Earth.  Please see the events page for more details on these opportunities.