Malachite promotes
Magnesite motivates innovation and inspires creativity.
Cobaltoan calcite awakens your capacity for multi-dimensional communication.
Smithsonite promotes kindness.
Rosasite infuses you with understanding and faith.
Siderite promotes joy and alignment with your Soul’s purpose.
Azurite supports your intuition to act upon divine guidance.
Cerussite provides the strength to make positive changes in all areas of your life.
Rhodocrosite helps you to gently open your heart and mind to the power of love.

All life evolves making change an essential element of living.  How we change and what we choose to create requires imagination, flexibility, and innovation.  The carbonate family of minerals knows how to bubble up ideas.  Consisting of a carbonate salt and one or more metallic elements, these stones assist in life transitions.  Many carbonate minerals emerged from the carbonate skeletons of deceased animals and plants of the sea, and the coal that we burn to keep us warm is a gift from ancient trees and plants.  Humanity itself is a carbon based life form that is supported by the plants and animals with which we live and those we eat to survive.  In this way, carbonate minerals know how to participate and develop relationships.

Since carbon easily breaks down it is viewed as a transitional element, active in the process of mineral formation, but not necessarily the end product of it.  When you need to grow into more of yourself, and to engage your evolutionary development in community with others, a carbonate mineral will be a good transitional companion.  Those carbonate minerals containing water such as azurite and malachite stimulate new ideas, just like seltzer water tickles your tongue.  Those carbonates that do not contain water, such as the calcite family, maintain your personal balance, and help to stabilize your progress if your have gone too fast too far, or grown out of balance. These carbonates help you to build your auric backbone so your stand tall in your soul embodiment.  Both forms of carbonate minerals collaborate with you on your development, resulting in lasting growth and continued personal success.  They offer you a perspective in which to collaborate with others in developing your ideas and living out your goals and dreams.

The Carbonate Family of minerals includes:

  • Azurite
  • Malachite
  • Calcite
  • Dolomite
  • Rhodocrosite
  • Aragonite
  • Smithsonite
  • Cerussite
  • Siderite
  • Magnesite
  • Rosasite
These pink calcites radiate tenderness and the ability to see through unconditionally loving eyes.

Pink Calcites

Malachite promotes self-transformation.


These blue aragonites awaken the 5D heart and the 6D throat chakra.

Blue Aragonites



Cobaltoan calcite awakens your Mouth of God chakra so you can hear the angels sing.

Cobaltoan calcite

Smithsonite promotes kindness.






azurite malachite




Aragonite stars clear your chakra column to help you stand tall.


How to Use Carbonates

Carbon Chemical element

The element Carbon

These minerals tend to be soft so they require careful handling to avoid scratches and breakage.  Calcites come in a variety of colors and can be used in full body layouts matching the color of the calcite with the chakra.  Gold calcite is particularly helpful in awakening your spiritual awareness and will serve you well placed on an altar or held during meditation.  Aragonites can be worn in both pockets to bring balance  and strengthen your personal backbone in public situations.  Azurite is helpful in awakening the third eye chakra and malachite has a calming presence, especially to the emotional body.  Siderite has a harmonizing effect and can be placed in homes and schools to promote peace.  Rhodocrosite worn close to the heart supports unconditional loving.  Carbonates, when placed in environmental grids, support the integrity of the emerging crystalline matrix set in place to support your goals.

** How Stone Medicine Works

Our bodies are composed of the minerals of the Earth such as carbon, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen.  By utilizing stones containing these elements living within us, we are accessing  a form of natural chemical healing.  You don’t ingest stone medicine like prescription drugs.  Instead, minerals work around the body and in your environment providing chemical assistance through electromagnetic energy.  Minerals radiate a consistent pulse of their unique chemical frequencies.  When placed on or around the physical body, they will infuse energies that are missing, absorb energies that are overabundant, and seek to balance out the electromagnetic energies of the entire system.  Stone medicine complements traditional medical treatment and is not to be used in place of it.  Often stone healing will increase the efficacy of medical procedures accelerating healing by removing spiritual, emotional, mental, and etheric debris from the physical areas under distress.  As with any form of healing, learn as much about the stones you choose as possible because the more you know, the greater you benefit.  Additionally, just as the wrong herbal supplement can make you ill, so can using the wrong mineral.  What’s great about stone medicine is that there are no expiration dates and they are beautiful additions to your lives and homes.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to the healing power of the mineral kingdom!

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