Choosing to increase abundant flow in your life?   Work with the icosahedron to facilitate movement because it transmits the consciousness of water: cleansing, life giving, fluent, dynamic, and powerful.

Residing or working in chaotic or violent environments?  Work with the cube to slow down physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual volatility because it transmits the consciousness of stability, provides foundations for creativity and contains out-of-control energies.  The cube, on our third dimension, transmits the consciousness of elemental earth.

Choosing to grow your intellect and expand your thought processes?  Work with the tetrahedron to help you to access the power of your mental body and translate those energies into a dimensional of consciousness that is recognizable to your human brain.  Tetrahedrons help you think clearer by expanding your mind.  It transmits the consciousness of fire to enlighten and transform.

Choosing to create the space to make better life-affirming decisions?  Work with the octahedron to grow self-awareness and an intuitive understanding of life.  Transmitting the consciousness of air, the octahedron navigates multi-dimensional realities creating opportunities, providing perspective and offering guidance.

Want to really understand what is happening in your life and why?  Explore the etheric power of the dodecahedron to make sense of your incarnational experiences in this lifetime and many others.  By transmitting etheric consciousness, the dodecahedron coalesces multi-dimensional co-creation.

When working with the Platonic Solids, you are engaging the power sources of creation to manifest a new life.  You are not plugging into a circuit.  You are becoming the electromagnetic frequency through which a new reality will manifest.  To handle this power, a meditative state is necessary so that you can free yourself of third dimensional limitations and enter into the electromagnetic energy streams of higher dimensional consciousness.  The magic of manifestation is electromagnetic freedom.  The platonic solids release you from the bonds of third dimensional reality and deliver you to your evolutionary destination.  They are preprogrammed with the coordinates of multi-dimensional consciousness and they deliver life forms safely to their next dimensional expression.

These five unique geometric structures have faces of equal size, edges of the same length, one size of interior angles between faces, and when placed into a sphere, all of the points of the forms will touch the sphere’s surface.  Because of these unusual features, these geometric structures function as on/off switches for manifesting realities, multi-dimensionally.  Known as the Platonic Solids, the cube, octahedron, tetrahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron are described by geologist Gregg Braden as the geometric codes of creation.  All the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of the Universal Mind can be explored and utilized through the platonic solids.  It is the means through which evolution occurs.

Because the platonic solids transmit consciousness, they are energy bonds that create solid forms. Although they can be created in three-dimensional physical models, they function multi-dimensionally, processing electromagnetic energies at specific spin rates at alternating angles.  Through them, specific patterns of electromagnetic energy manifest as chemical gases, liquids, and solids.   They are responsible for the predefined guidelines to which atoms conform through chemical bonding in our world and every other world.  The rocks and minerals of our planet consist of the crystalline lattices created by the platonic solids.  The cells, tissue and organs of our bodies manifested through these forms.  And when we die, these geometric figures transmit fifth dimensional codes of consciousness into our auric field that guide our conscious awareness into what is commonly known as heaven, while our physical cells decompose back into the Earth.

The platonic solids transmit dimensional coordinates by literally moving energy.  To work within them, we have to engage our ability to safely and intelligently direct electromagnetic energy.  Spinning each figure clockwise contracts energy and moves figuratively down the dimensional ladder.  Spinning each figure counterclockwise expands energy and moves figuratively up the dimensional ladder.  When the angle at which the spinning form changes, new coordinates of consciousness are attained.  Visualizing the rate and direction of spin when meditating upon or within a specific platonic solid will provide information, insight, and direction upon the situation, relationship, or issue being addressed.

The Platonic Solids create environmental experiences by developing the electromagnetic boundaries of dimensional existence. They are the means of elemental expression within every environment, providing that which is necessary for developing and sustaining life.  In our world, the cube creates the Earth, the octahedron creates the air, the tetrahedron creates fire, the icosahedron creates water, and the dodecahedron creates ether.  All of these are contained within the sphere that is our planet.  As our planet evolves into her fifth dimensional expression, the elements of our environment are reflecting the changes that lower magnetic frequencies and higher electrical currents are effecting in our world.  Gregg Braden notes that the platonic solids create the morphogenetic fields of geometry through which physical manifestation occurs.  Right now the planet’s morphogenetic field is in transition and the platonic solids can ease our physical transition from a third into a fifth dimensional living environment.

Placing the platonic solids in your home or office provides you with what Drunvalo Melchizedek describes as a universal information system.  All five figures fit into Metatron’s Cube and contain the basic creation patterns of existence.  These figures facilitate the expansion of consciousness through which effective life-affirming action occurs.  Place all five figures where you study or work and your concentration will grow.  Separate each figure and according to the element each represents and then place them in different rooms.  If a child needs to be calmed, place a cube in the bedroom.  If lethargy is present, place the octahedron where it can be seen.  If hopelessness is an issue, use a dodecahedron to bring in spiritual energy to that space.  If the environment feels stuck, place an icosahedron in many areas to move energy through the space.  Use physical forms that can spin and literally have your family and friends, even your pets, spin the figures to move the electromagnetic energy in the space.  Applying the power of the platonic solids in your home or office is an effective tool in consciously moving energy to create a better life for yourself, your family, your colleagues and your neighbors.

The platonic solids function as unit cells that repeat upon themselves so that they maintain the integrity of their original form.  Each unit cell contains a specific volume of consciousness, or energy bond that it expresses through its unique geometry.   Unit cells grow adjacent to each other and support each other.  This is why certain cells become nerves, others muscles, and yet others organs. Each follows a directive that repeats upon itself  while maintaining the integrity of a third dimensional human body. Drunvalo Melchizedek notes that the icosahedron and the dodecahedron microscopically rotate within the double helix of our DNA transmitting and sustaining human consciousness in the third dimension.  This is also why humanity as a third dimensional life form cannot physically see higher dimensional beings.  Our physical eyes cannot recognize the energetic signature of seventh dimensional beings.   However, as our planet evolves into the fifth dimension, humanity is evolving into our next physical expression as fifth dimensional beings on Earth.  Through our fifth dimensional eyes we will experience ourselves within our new world from a perspective of unconditional love, compassionate forgiveness, and great peace.  Work with these vehicles of creation to celebrate all that you are becoming.