Fear No More

New Moon Planetary Activation for February 2015

On Fearing No More:  Honesty is the key to your freedom.  Now, as you move completely beyond the past to embrace the opportunities of the present, all you carry within you is the truth of your being, and your place on this evolutionary journey.  There is nowhere to hide and no one to hide from.  Truth is being revealed everywhere so that your path ahead is clear, as a species and as an individual.  It is a time of wonder for those choosing to see through your Soul’s eyes.  What is it that you choose to create in this new world?  Be honest, as it is a new world.  There is a difference between recycling the old and transforming into the new.  Reach higher, climb up to the new, embrace an expanded awareness of being!  Your menu of life opportunities is changing because the planet that supports you is refining herself.  She is choosing to nurture you into a life beyond fear because that is where she has chosen to live.  In fact, she is pushing all life out of their self-imposed prison cells to experience the beauty of freedom.  And then, she is burning the prisons!  You cannot go backward as the planetary landscape has changed.  Peace is a choice that you make with every decision placed in your way.  Your Soul is your travel guide now and your rational mind is along for the ride, and learning.  Follow well and this transformational journey will be quite beautiful!

The explosive energies of Valentine’s weekend released your masculine and feminine energies from any bondage that they had to each other, religious and cultural restrictions, and social prescriptions.  The internal conflicts that raged within you as they fought with each other are becoming achingly aware to you now.  As the destructive behaviors, thought patterns, ingrained beliefs, and painful memories of their warring rise to heal, let the negativity go.  You do not have to process your internal gender trauma any longer.  Your task is to release it, transcend it, and let your masculine and feminine energies fall in love with each other again, inside you.  Peace is an internal experience of gender unification, each to the other, whole and complete.  Compassion, forgiveness, respect, appreciation and gratitude are the choices to make now, over and over and over again.  Start with yourself, then extend the process to your closest loved ones, and expand that compassion and forgiveness into your neighborhoods and communities.  Offer the same healing to your stones, plants, and pets.  Reconcile with your guardian angels, who have probably experienced massive resistance and frustration from and with you.  What is healing other than energy transforming itself?  And so you are!

Invocation: Freedom
I am not lost, nor alone.
I am not afraid, or forgotten.
I Am here and all of me is present.
Soul-embodied, I am, and more than I have ever humanly been.
This is my time, my evolution,
And I claim my freedom from the traumas of the past.
My Soul’s power is alive in me.  Now is my gift.  Now is my opportunity.
My life belongs to me for I am Soulfully free.

Mantra for the Month:  I am free to create a Soulful life that reflects the truth of who I now am.

Mineral of the Month: Shattuckite
Open up to the new realities already living inside you.  Let us help you give them life!
Shattuckite is ready to help you rock your world.  Its transformative power provides the strength and courage for you to make Soul directed decisions.  As a channeling tool it functions as a noise cancelling device to clear the static in your auric field so you can effectively hear and comprehend divine guidance. It tunes into truth so you can fully embrace your personal responsibility for living an authentic life.  As such it promotes personal integrity in alignment with your evolutionary development so that you can fulfill your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.  It aids in comprehending the consequences of past lives so your current circumstances are placed in a compassionate perspective.  With such clarity and integrity, shattuckite excels in supporting fifth dimensional relationships and healing broken third dimensional experiences.

Of  Humanitarian or Scientific Significance
www.brucelipton.com  Dr. Lipton’s book , The Honeymoon Effect, is one of the roadmaps available to building fifth dimensional relationships.  A fascinating read, it offers a biologist’s take on how chemistry supports or inhibits the development of conscious relationships.  I suggest reading this book over and over again because there is so much information to be gleaned one reading just isn’t enough!

www.psych-k.com Robert M. Williams created a program to help people move into conscious thinking and action.  Psych – k stands for psychological kinesiology.  As he notes, “When you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your life…and the world!”  His work focuses on the evolution of your conscious and subconscious mind to nurture sacred global evolution.  Through a series of techniques and processes gleaned from scientific and spiritual arenas you are freed to make healthy choices in every area of your life.

Questions for Reflection:
1.  For what have you forgiven yourself?  How long did it take?
2.  How do you access truth and what do you do with it?
3.  If you were to describe your own internal masculine and feminine relationship as a famous couple, who would most represent your experience?
4.  Who is the most honest person in your life?  Describe you relationship with him or her?

Planetary Activation:  Connect to the molten liquid core of Mother Earth and become aware of her aqua heart.  Feel her acknowledging your presence as she sends a spiral of aqua light up and around your body.  Feel the aqua spiral as the hug she is giving you now.  Become aware of your fifth dimensional heart at the center of your breast bone.  Breathe the aqua light into your lungs at this area of your higher heart.  Let the aqua energies move into your physical heart and be pumped through your bloodstream all over your body.  Relax as the Earth infuses you with fifth dimensional unconditional love.

Focus now on your fifth dimensional heart at your breast bone.  Build a horizontal vector or a straight line across your 5D heart extending beyond your shoulders. See the Sacred Geometrical shape of the Octahedron surrounding you.  Bring down a four sided pyramid with your apex at your Monadic Star and the base at your 5D heart.  Bring up a lower four sided pyramid with your apex at your new fifth dimensional Earth Star and the base at your 5D heart.  Feel the upper and lower pyramids merging together creating the diamond of the octahedron.  You are housed within the octahedron and its center is your 5D heart.

Spin the octahedron counter clockwise.  Your 5D heart is the fulcrum for the spin.  As the spin continues visualize the entire octahedron being bathed in gold until this platonic solid is completely covered with the golden energies of the Divine Masculine.

The octahedron continues to spin and now a magenta beam of Divine Feminine energy moves straight through the center of the octahedron.  As the beam settles into place, it transforms into the silver frequency of the Divine Feminine.  The silver energies flow out of the beam and completely fill up the internal space of the octahedron with the presence of the Divine Feminine.

Take a deep breath becoming aware of the Divine Feminine within you being supported and protected by the Divine Masculine around you.  They are spinning as one complete presence offering you their gifts of balance, harmony, unity and peace.

As the octahedron continues spinning move the fulcrum from your heart down to your solar plexus chakra in your abdomen.  The Divine Masculine and Feminine energies are now addressing your soul empowerment.  They are bringing your masculine and feminine aspects into alignment so that you can support a healthy and effective presence in the world. Wisdom matched by compassion offers the freedom to create opportunities that lift you out of conflict and into the creativity of peace.  As your divine masculine and feminine spin as one they offer you the opportunity to make wise choices, compassionately driven to promote your own fulfillment.

As the spin continues, bring the fulcrum of the octahedron down to the sacral chakra.  As the octahedron enters the pelvic region the spin may become sluggish.  It depends on the level of conflict your human masculine and feminine energies have been experiencing.  Focus upon forgiveness, compassion, respect, appreciation, and gratitude given each to the other to facilitate movement.  Send all gender dramas into the spin and let them heal.

Extend your arms out to your side with palms facing forward.  Call in your masculine energy from the right and your feminine energy from the left and clasp your hands in harmony and unity at your heart.  Feel the space the Divine Masculine and Feminine octahedron has created within your heart.  Settle into the peace growing within this unified heart.  Embrace the freedom it is creating.  Breathe.

Move your clasped hands down to your solar plexus chakra.  Feel the balance, respect, equality, and appreciation alive in your feminine and masculine energies.  Embrace your empowerment and feel it flowing out into the world in unified expression.  Notice the peace within the self-confidence now alive in you.  Breathe.

Move your clasped hands down into your sacral chakra.  Honor the wholeness and completion now taking place in this sacred space of creativity within you.  Your masculine and feminine energies are whole and complete, each to the other.  The Divine Masculine and Feminine energies have come forth to heal the third dimensional pain and awaken the joy of your fifth dimensional soul-embodiment.  The masculine and feminine aspects of you have found themselves complete in each other’s presence and are free once again to unconditionally love.  Relax into this peace and offer gratitude, if you so wish.

Gently now, the octahedron stops spinning.  The golden frequencies of the Divine Masculine surround your auric field and the silver frequencies of the Divine Feminine permeate your auric field.  The magenta frequencies move into and through your Mouth of God chakra.  Feel a helix of silver and gold, in spiraling motion, moving up and through your light channel and out through your white lotus crown chakra. Breathe in your wholeness and completion.  You are each to the other, whole and complete.

Repeat this process as often as needed as negative and destructive patterns rise to the surface to be healed!

In the Spotlight from www.growingconsciousness.com
The Differences Between Third and Fifth Dimensional Relationships
Fifth dimensional relationships generate freedom and joy.  Each relationship is an investment in the people, places, and kingdoms of nature that are being interconnected.  The unconditional loving from which fifth dimensional relationships emerge creates change by offering an environment in which the opportunities for evolutionary development are gracefully accessed and successfully utilized by all involved. There are distinct differences between third and fifth dimensional relationships, based upon the purpose of the dimensional experience.  The fifth dimensional qualities defined in this page of the website facilitate an unconditionally loving experience.  By providing the criteria by which to monitor your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors you can both build and support fifth dimensional relationships out of the third dimensional relationships in your own life.  To learn more visit me on the web.

Upcoming Events:
Fifth Dimensional Relationships Telewebinar
Our Earth is welcoming you to love as your Soul loves.  It offers you respectful, honorable, and joyful relationships in which to participate with all the kingdoms of nature.  From the rocks to the clouds, all life on Earth is falling in love with being at peace and experiencing graceful abundance!  As humanity embraces its soul-embodiment, our ability to unconditionally love creates new realities of harmony and promotes the development of innovative fifth dimensional lifestyles.  Discover the beauty and power of fifth dimensional relationships in this enlightening and life-changing four session telewebinar.

Session One:  Honoring Your Masculine and Feminine Energies
Each gender has unique perceptions, approaches to, and ways to attend to unfolding and emerging life situations, environments, and relationships.   Understanding these perspectives and appreciating the contributions that each makes to the whole will allow you to develop internal harmony while increasing your effectiveness in the world.  In this session you will learn how to respectfully engage these primary forces of your own being in an atmosphere of unconditional love for yourself.

Session Two:  Intimacy as a Shared Experience of Soulful Purpose
Fifth dimensional relationships are always purposeful because soul-embodied loving engages respectful and harmonious activities that support the evolution of all planetary life.  Once your internal gender harmony is established, you have the freedom to understand why your relationships have emerged and what they are meant to accomplish.  Your ability to acknowledge who is appearing in your life, for what purpose, and according to divine timing will grow.

Session Three:  Relationships as Conscious Choices that Empower Creative Collaboration
In fifth dimensional relationships you utilize your spiritual, mental, and emotionally bodies to create new realities that transcend the human ego and cultural directives for social structure.  Through the power of creative collaboration you begin to experience the freedom inherent in unconditional loving.  Your capacity to make enlightened choices that support your soul-embodiment grows, and in so doing you participate in the development of a new civilization of peace on Earth.

Session Four: Gender Unity: Each to the Other, Whole and Complete
Happy soul-embodied people live in fifth dimensional relationships.  The wholeness they experience in their lives offers them an internal contentment that allows their creativity to flourish.  They honor the internal peace they have achieved by radiating it into each other and into all the kingdoms of nature with which they live.  From their deep sense of completion they freely offer their services and insights to bring joy to the world.  Your experience of fifth dimensional relationship will allow you to engage an empowered understanding of your participation in the development and celebration of fifth dimensional living on the Earth.

This program has been postponed until later this year.  Our Earth is gifting us with a greater capacity to unconditionally love in fifth dimensional grace.  Stay tuned this summer!

Stone Healer’s Practitioners Class
Minerals are long-lasting medicines.  When utilized similar to prescription drugs, specific stones become viable, effective, and easy means by which to develop well being.  Knowing which minerals to use for certain physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual conditions and how to administer them most effectively is the territory of the stone healer.  Join Ilona Anne Hress to learn how to embrace and utilize the healing power of the mineral kingdom.  In this practitioners class a protocol of stone healing treatment will be presented and then experienced by those attending.  Focus is placed not only on the third dimensional auric field, but also the fifth dimensional auric field so that stone selection, healing techniques, and intensity of stone treatment are multi-dimensionally explored for greatest results.

As our human bodies adjust to the fifth dimensional ascension of the planet, stone healing can be highly beneficial to ease symptoms of multi-dimensional distress and promote graceful flow into our soul-embodied humanity.  Stone healing or crystal therapy is a multi-dimensional treatment modality.  It does not replace medical treatment.  It can, however, increase the effectiveness of allopathic medicine and is a complementary modality.
Sunday, April 19th from 10am to 6pm in Madison, NJ
Please contact Lynn Pridmore at 201-572-7771 for more info.
Fee: $125.00.  Minerals sold separately.
*There is a waiting list for this event.

Ask Ilona:
Conversations on Fifth Dimensional Living
To live a fifth dimensional lifestyle is a pioneering creative adventure.  It is full of joyous experimentation and requires a very healthy sense of humor as we progress through dimensional shift.  We have to learn not only a new vocabulary to describe the processes we are living through in soul-embodiment, but also develop a proficiency in moving electromagnetic energies through our expanding auric fields.  It really is an amazing time to be an evolving human being.  And it is also extremely confusing to learn new spiritual, mental,emotional, ethrical, and physical skills simultaneously.  Yet, this is what we are doing right now!
To help you navigate the waves of dimensional shift I am making myself available to answer your questions, concerns, and listen to your ideas about our unfolding new civilization of peace.  There is great support for your evolutionary development and I am happy to support your own soul-embodiment. Enjoy the graceful, enthusiastic, insightful, and encouraging energies of the heavenly realms as you explore possibilities, sort through challenges, and discover your inner 5D compass to guide you to a heavenly life on Earth.
Sunday, March 8th, from 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Location: Center for the Illuminated Soul, Chester, NJ
Fee: $25.00
Please call Lynn Pridmore at 201-572-7771 to register.

5D Auric Field Teleseminar coming in June 2015!
Join Ilona for a tremendous journey into your evolving auric field.  By June of this year your chakra column will begin another amazing transformation into the galactic connection that fifth dimensional living brings!  Keep your auric field tuned up!

5D Creations
Artist and massage therapist DiAnna Britz has created multi-dimensional chakra mirrors.  See the chakra’s illuminate over your physical reflection.  These mirrors are a stunningly hand crafted meditational tool that helps you to connect to source instantly and roll right into meditation or out the door.  DiAnne is offering these limited edition original works of art at a special discount for this activation.  Contact her at 530-386-3254.

Adventures in Service
Debbie Carcuffe – Angelically guided shadow work

Next Month- March 20th
Theresa Pettersen Chu – Soul Embodiment Sessions
Irene Sonja – Angel Readings
The Masons will be giving tours of the Sanctuary!
Openings are available. Anyone interested in participating in Adventures in Service is welcome to contact Ilona at 973-822-5042.