Orion Nebula

5D Auric Field Webinar — March 2015

Fifth Dimensional Relationships Webinar

with Rev. Ilona Anne Hress, L.C.S.W., L.M.T.

Note:  This telewebinar is being postponed until later this year.  Stay tuned as the planet’s evolution is offering us even more gifts in fifth dimensional relationships as we approach this summer!

Our Earth is welcoming you to love as your Soul loves.  It offers you respectful, honorable, and joyful relationships in which to participate with all the kingdoms of nature.  From the rocks to the clouds, all life on Earth is falling in love with being at peace and experiencing graceful abundance!  As humanity embraces its soul-embodiment, our ability to unconditionally love creates new realities of harmony and promotes the development of innovative fifth dimensional lifestyles. Discover the beauty and power of fifth dimensional relationships in this enlightening and life-changing four session webinar.

Webinar Outline: Session One:  Honoring Your Masculine and Feminine Energies Each gender has unique perceptions, approaches to, and ways to attend to unfolding and emerging life situations, environments, and relationships. Understanding these perspectives and appreciating the contributions that each makes to the whole will allow you to develop internal harmony while increasing your effectiveness in the world.  In this session you will learn how to respectfully engage these primary forces of your own being in an atmosphere of unconditional love for yourself.

Session Two:  Intimacy as a Shared Experience of Soulful Purpose Fifth dimensional relationships are always purposeful because soul-embodied loving engages respectful and harmonious activities that support the evolution of all planetary life.  Once your internal gender harmony is established, you have the freedom to understand why your relationships have emerged and what they are meant to accomplish.  Your ability to acknowledge who is appearing in your life, for what purpose, and according to divine timing will grow.

Session Three:  Relationships as Conscious Choices that Empower Creative Collaboration In fifth dimensional relationships you utilize your spiritual, mental, and emotionally bodies to create new realities that transcend the human ego and cultural directives for social structure.  Through the power of creative collaboration you begin to experience the freedom inherent in unconditional loving. Your capacity to make enlightened choices that support your soul-embodiment grows, and in so doing you participate in the development of a new civilization of peace on Earth.

Session Four: Gender Unity: Each to the Other, Whole and Complete Happy soul-embodied people live in fifth dimensional relationships.  The wholeness they experience in their lives offers them an internal contentment that allows their creativity to flourish.  They honor the internal peace they have achieved by radiating it into each other and into all the kingdoms of nature with which they live.  From their deep sense of completion they freely offer their services and insights to bring joy to the world.  Your experience of fifth dimensional relationship will allow you to engage an empowered understanding of your participation in the development and celebration of fifth dimensional living on the Earth. Please join Ilona for these powerful and soulfully intimate sessions.